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6.7.2012 Perjantai BROKEN NOTE (UK) PROTEUS (HKI)
@ TAMPERE Club10

Ad Noiseam, Peace Off, Subdivision, Prspct, Boka, Sustained

►PROTEUS (Special Hardcore/Breakcore Set) (HKI)
FINRG / U.H.O.Trax/Osasto A

Kolina-Produktio / Kovaydin Vastarinta

Kovaydin Vastarinta

Bass System / VOID / Hustle Audio

Bass System / VOID / dub-a-delik)

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❖ Place: CLUB10
❖ Ticket Price: 10/13€ ((Ennakkoliput tulossa Tikettiin)

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BROKEN NOTE : Biography
Raised on a diet of pure filth; Broken Note have followed a path of unrelenting sonic carnage and firmly established their uniquely heavy sound as an iconic mark in electronic music. Combining lean, considered, but heavy production skills with an appreciation of diverse
rough beats; they are an unstoppable musical force that has been pummelling dance-floors across the globe since their inception.

They exploded into the scene in 2008, with releases on the critically acclaimed Ruff Records and Ad Noiseam labels. Since then, there has been a slew of releases (including a retrospective album on Ad Noiseam) on notable labels such as Boka, Prspct and Subtrakt and they are regular headliners at both Prospct and Ad Noiseam label nights. Releases to date have included collaborations between Broken Note and other renowned artists such as Juno Reactor and Machine Code (Dean Rodell and Current Value). Amon Tobin and Chris Cunningham can also be counted amongst Broken Note's fans, with a mix commissioned for the
website, and support from both artists.

Their slower-tempo sound can only very loosely be described as Dubstep, with little in common with much of the scene's output. Instead they draw from cinematic sound design and brutally heavy bass - and combining this with more of the kind of dark and aggressive beats that can be found in heavy metal and dark drum and bass. Between the flurries of staggering beats are layered distorted leads, and filtered reeses that carry the music through auditory hallucinations of open and constricted spaces. This gives the music an incredibly tight flow, carrying the tune through relentlessly hammering beats and into beautifully decaying breakdowns, touched with a sense of dark nostalgia.

Their Drum and Bass output is similarly disturbingly brutal, with undulating beats and bass that are unashamed to draw from the darkly edgy sounds of Gabba and Techno. It delivers a rhythmic pounding that has set dance floors around the world on fire with its astonishing
heaviness. The result is both at home in clubs and the vast expanse of a decaying urban warehouse, inspiring visions of a dark and techy future for their music. Live sets are currently based around Ableton Live, utilizing various midi controllers and FX running with on the spot
warping, cueing and live key work. The content tends to be a mash up of everything from dark Dubstep to Hardtekno, the most evil DnB to Hardcore; playing many of their own tunes but mixing these with music and edits of tunes by those who they draw inspiration from.

Over the past 3 years, Broken Note have followed a hectic touring schedule that has taken them across the globe. Tours in North America, Australia and regular performances at events and festivals across Europe has spread their sound around the world, and is a testament to their
popularity. There is rarely a weekend where Broken Note do not have a booking somewhere in the world and their selection retains their identity, whilst being both diverse and interesting, and guaranteed to be one of the highlights of any night at which they are playing.


PROTEUS : Biography
Hard Dance Awards: Best Hard Dance DJ In The World 2004 and 2005
DJ Mag's Top 100 list: number 90 in 2004, number 93 in 2005

Proteus has gained the respect to be called Scandinavian’s best known Hard Dance DJ and is one of the key players of the global hard dance scene. Proteus has been DJ'ing since 1995 and producing music now for 9 years.

The biggest achievements of Proteus so far have been the Hard Dance Awards 2004 and 2005, when he was voted "Best Hard Dance DJ" in the world two years in a row by clubbers all around the globe. In the DJ Mag`s Top 100 DJ list, Proteus has been voted number 90 in 2004 and number 93 in 2005 and made history in becoming the first Finnish artist making it to the Top 100 DJ list alongside Darude.

In his career so far Proteus has toured in Finland, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, Russian, Ukreine, Estonia, Poland and Sweden. Proteus has played and headlined many of the major events in Europe and Australia like Dance Valley, Frantic HHA at Brixton Academy, Global Gathering UK and Malaysia, Ground Zero, Kazantip, Creamfields, Impulz, Defqon1, Masters Of Hardcore, Pleasure Island, Streetparade Zurich, Transmission Sydney, Utopia, Pharmacy, Enchanted Forest, Time Tunnel, Lab-4's Laboratory Experiment, Sonic, Energy, Slammin Vinyl, Goodgreef, Tidy Summer Camp & Weekender, Logic and Torture Garden. Proteus has also had great honour to be the support act for bands like The Prodigy, Pendulum and Juno Reactor.

Proteus and his friends are running their own club night called Säde in Helsinki, Finland. They have organized many very successful club nights and events in a period of over 12 years. Säde has been voted The Best Club in Finland at the Finnish Club Awards. Proteus is also organizing industrial/alternative/techno/metal events called Graveyard Party and Hellfire Club in Helsinki.

Besides of dance scene Proteus works very closely with Finnish industrial and metal scene. Proteus has done several remixes for Finnish bands and one the major ones has been remix for mighty Apocalyptica. Apocalyptica has sold millions of records worldwide and has done close work with legendary Metallica. Proteus is also famous for his “Proteus Live Show” which is breaking boundaries between dance music and industrial metal concert. Proteus plays electric guitar, keyboards and percussions with his full band and they have done several big shows in Finland.

Proteus runs his own radio show called Dark Side at a major Finnish radio station Basso Radio. The show is introducing different genres of darker music from goth to speedcore.


Shatterling is an experimental electronic music producer from Espoo, Finland. His music fuses key elements of Industrial hardcore, Hard dnb and Breakcore with influences drawn from various genres such as Speedcore, Dubstep, Jazz, IDM and Classical music to a mixture that is greater than it's parts combined.

He surfaced to the finnish hardcore scene at 2011, when his first gig was played at Brainbashers. After that he has played at several parties and joined the Brainbashers 2012 Tour at finland. On 2011 his first DIY releases on a finnish netlabel Divaani Records were released, mainly focusing on his two other aliases Causa Materialis (Breaks / Jungle project) and Insectoid in Isolation (IDM / Ambient project). At christmas his first release as Shatterling was released, a free digital ep featuring breakcore and hard dnb, and made in collaboration with Rhythmic Disorder entitled "Dust Skies EP". At 2012 he joined Abraxis Productions crew, and released "Math is Murder" EP, focusing on crossbreed, on the same label. He also signed several tracks to, most notably his remix of We Are the Elite by Carnage & Cluster, which was released on the digital album "Remixing the Elite" and 12" EP of the same name. Other appearances on weblabels include Extreme Sound Forum and, and several tracks forthcoming on Kovaydin Vastarinta.

❖ Place: CLUB10
❖ Ticket Price: 10/13€ (Ennakkoliput tulossa Tikettiin)