MATTHEW BURGESS (Claremont 56/ Low Life/ London)

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disco, house

Matthew Burgess, Aihki, Fyrre


This time we bring you Matthew Burgess from London. He's most well known for his eclectic DJ sets as well as hosting the legendary Low Life parties in London together with Bill Brewster, Jolyon Green etc. He also compiled the now legendary originals vol. 4 on Mudd's Claremont 56 label. Matthew's dj CV ranges from Slow Blow in Stockholm all the way to Xlib in Kiev. Matthew's latest release on Magic Wand was named "record of the week" this week at Piccadilly records

Saturday 10.3

Nerd Network XXXVI w/

(Claremont 56, Low Life / London)

AIHKI (Blomkvist & Soppela)


VJ Sakke Soini

Nolla 5e 21-04

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