Kingfishers w/ MARCELLO GIORDANI (Italo Deviance, Parma)

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MARCELLO GIORDANI (Italo Deviance, Parma)

Toni Halo (Kingfishers)
Risto Gatto (Kingfishers)

Marcello Giordani started spinning house records near his home town, Parma for over twenty years ago. Today he has made people dance everywhere from Berlin to New York & from Barcelona to Oslo. Since last year he's also had a residency at Apartment invitation-only party back home in Italy.

As a producer Marcello has released on labels like Mule Musiq and Compost Black both under his own name and as the second half of Supersonic Lovers together with Luca Roccatagliati (DJ Rocca from Ajello).

Marcello is the founder of Italo Deviance, a label and blog focusing on obscure disco tracks and edits. Italo Deviance is obsessive for Italian disco heritage and besides the main focus in music itself, the blog has also released exclusive interviews on italian disco pioneers.

As a DJ, producer and record collector Marcello is inspired by classic NY disco, Chicago house and Detroit techno as well as early italo disco and cosmic sound.

Sat 18th Feb
Kingfishers present:

(italo Deviance, Mule Musiq, Compost Black / Parma)

Toni Halo
Risto Gatto

Kingfishers visuals

21-04, 5e (free until 23)