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breaks, drum'n'bass, techno

Lucky Chucky (uk), Daddy Flix (fra), Kozilek (live!), Malakai, lobst3r, nixxu, AKX, Breik, Movestache


Tiukinta rumpubasaa, likaisinta dubsteppiä ja päräyttävintä elektromäiskettä niin että viikset tärisee!


Kozilek (live!)
Lucky Chucky (uk) & Daddy Flix (fra)
w/ Lobst3r, Malakai, Nixxu, AKX, Breik & Movestache

Be there!

2100-2130 nixxu
2130-2200 movestache
2200-2230 lobst3r
2230-2300 kozilek
2300-0030 lucky chucky & daddy flix
0030-0100 malakai
0100-0130 akx
0130-0230 breik

Hardest drum'n'bass, filthiest dubstep and the tightest electrobangers that'll make your moustache drop!

Rocking it out:

Kozilek (live!)
Lucky Chucky (uk) & Daddy Flix (fra)
w/ Lobst3r, Malakai, Nixxu, AKX, Breik & Movestache


Japanese kamikaze spirit meets no pants subway ride, the one man show from the land of the rising sun has settled in Finland and is making waves as he releases hit after hit of the dirtiest, nastiest electrobangers out there like it's nobodys business! Kozilek will be showcasing a brand new live set, so you better check it out!

Lucky Chucky (uk) & Daddy Flix (fra)

Teaming up in early 2011, sees one of Finland's newest DJ outfits crash the party with their own energetic style of show!

Holding Resident status at a few clubs in the Helsinki area, including the recently founded "Skins Party" - quickly proving to be one of the wildest parties around!

Specialising in Electro, Dutch House and the newly emerging "Moombahton" music - with great song selections and ability to get the crowd involved, makes these guys one of the hottest emerging Electronic music talents in the area!

With Daddy Flix and Lucky Chucky coming from France & UK respectively, they look forward to spreading their own mark on the Finnish nightlife scene in the near future...

Bassorähinät @ Gloria 25.2.2012 21-03
Pieni Roobertinkatu 12, Helsinki
5€ + narikka, K18