Trip To Goa w. Ott (Twisted, UK) and Hidria Spacefolk

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Club Venue, Helsinki  
chill, experimental, house, psy, techno, trance

Ott live (Twisted, UK)
Hidria Spacefolk live in concert
Dreadlock Tales live
Dreaml4nd (aka Aegonox) live
Indigo (Unity)
Tim Duster (Sunstation) B2B Nebula Meltdown (Suntrip)
Grin (Deepscan)

Facebook tapahtuma täällä:

Hyvät ystävät. Seuraavat Goan isot bileet on Trip to Goa, joka on myös Goa avajaistapahtuma Club Venuella. Ensimmäistä kertaa meillä on järkevä mahdollisuus järjestää tapahtuma tilassa jossa on sekä iso lava, hyvä akustiikka ja hyvä äänentoistojärjestelmä. Sen kunniaksi olemme valinneet kaksi todella spesiaalia pääartistia. Ensimmäinen niistä on Ott live (UK) Twisted Recordsilta ja toinen Hidria Spacefolk, kuuden henkilön psykedeelinen spacerock bändi. Nämä ovat meidän kevään isoimmat bileet, ja näillä näkymin ainoat ennen kesää. Ott:ltä on tullut uusi albumi MIR aikaisemmin tänä vuonna. Kovasti vaikuttaisi siltä että myös DJ Aegonox soittaa ensimmäisen live settinsä näissä bileissä. Todella kovat bileet tulossa!

Decorations: TBA
VJ/LJ: Michelle Silver (Venue)

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Ticket sales starts in 31.12. In addition to Cybershop there will be tickets in Tiketti, Tiketti presale ticket price TBA (probably 16eur+bf)

Limited edition of 12eur special early bird tickets until XX.XX. from Cybershop Asematunneli (and Kamppi...)

Ott Biography:

Unbeknownest to the London massive, deep within the English countryside lie a number of brilliant music producers. One such unfashionable but extremely talented artist is Ott, best friend of Simon Posford and editor of all things Shpongle.Ott and Simon first met at Butterfly Studios when Ott was working as freelance engineer for Youth. Since then he has gone on to work in nearly every famous studio one could name, from SARM East and West, Real World, and Ridge Farm amongst numerous others. He has continued to work with a number of famous artists and producers in music business, including Sinead O'Connor, The Orb, and Brian Eno for which he was interviewed in Sound on Sound Magazine recently. So as you can see Ott is the master of ceremonies when it comes to studio equipment and production. He's had several releases over the years, including 2 solo albums on Twisted Records- Blumenkraft (TWSCD24) and the current Skylon (TWSCD33). We hope a 3rd is on the way soon.

Ott live:

Hidria Spacefolk:

Originally conceived in 1999, the group of five self-taught musicians soon evolved into its current embodiment as Hidria Spacefolk and having already seven releases in their catalogue. The outfit has performed over 200 shows in Finland as well as toured in the Netherlands and Denmark. Probably the most important gig to date was their widely acclaimed performance at North America's biggest progressive music festival, NEARfest 2004. The show went so well that NEARfest records released it as a CD, Live Eleven a.m. 2005-2006 the band continued gigging in europe and russia (Budapest, Moscow etc.) and recorded in 2006 the next studio album, which was released in march 2007 called Symetria. The same year may came out also the second live album, Live at Heart, recorded at Burg-Herzberg festival in june 2006 in front of thousands of music lovers. The band is at the moment making new tricks for the future and based on the axel Somero-Helsinki-Berlin.. Hidria Spacefolk's high-energy live performance is enhanced with a psychedelic video show that'll turn any venue into a mind-blowing cosmic spaceship - and make no mistake: this ship knows how to party! One of these days they may be landing in your town!

Hidria Spacefolk live video:

Dreadlock Tales:

Dear friends. The next big Goa club party is Trip to Goa, which is also the first event of Goa in Club Venue. For the first time we have a good chance to organize a party in a place where there is a big stage, good acoustics and good soundsystem. For that reason we have chosen to very special guests. First is Ott live (UK) from Twisted Records and second is Hidria Spacefolk, a six person psychedelic space rock band. This will be our biggest party of the spring and also the only one before summer. Ott has published a new album called MIR earlier this year. It seems also that DJ Aegonox will play his first live set in this event. A wicked party it is going to be!