MARCEL DETTMANN, (Berghain, Ostgut, Berlin)

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house, oldskool, techno

MARCEL DETTMANN (Berghain, Ostgut Ton, Berlin)
SAMULI KEMPPI (Deep Space Helsinki)

MARCEL DETTMANN (Berghain, Berlin)
SAMULI KEMPPI (Deep Space Hki)

HUOM !!! ovet 21:00

Liput 12e/ 6e B4 22:00

Marcell Dettman palaa kaupunkiin. Berghain residentti Marcel Dettmann, joka oli myös Redrumin residentti menneinä vuosina on hurmannut yleisönsä ensi visiitillään Kuudennella linjalla, sen jälkeen Redrumissa ja viime kesänä Flow:ssa. Nimi joka on kasvanut muutamassa vuodessa yhdeksi tavotelluimmista djstä maan päällä. Hyvä niin, Marcel on sen ansainnut. Tiedossa ultimaalinen techno ilta missä tullaan kuulemaan uutta ja vanhaa technoa Marcelin erittäin laajasta levyvalikoimasta. Kuudes Linja sopii täydellisesti Marcelin raffiin soundiin. Mies jonka elämä pyörii technon ja Berghainin ympärillä, joka oli ensimmäinen residentti Berghainissa 1999 ja työskennely 10 vuotta Hardwaxissa tietää mitä levylautaselle laitetaan...


Three hours ago he had catched the last train after a gig in Leipzig, heading for his set in Berlin the very same night. But Dettmann missed to get off – and suddenly has found himself stuck at dead end Hamburg main station: no trains till morning, no one to call for a ride. Promptly – and without any hesitation about the ridiculous charge – he hires a cab, having only one thing in mind: Berlin, Berghain, the Club …
Consequently nothing but the Club as a musical and cultural lifeworld forms and defines the life of Marcel Dettmann, who was born in the GDR in 1977 and raised with east-german youth culture. Influenced by EBM and Wave he faces the offspring of virgin Techno in early nineties’s Berlin and gets socialized with this new-born subcultural scene, whose way of life he shall live and develop untill today. On the one hand he has spinned records since 1994 including residency continuum at Berlin’s Ostgut/Berghain right from its opening in 1999. On the other Dettmann started to produce and release tracks and remixes in 2006. Beside Ostgut Ton first and foremost his self-run label MDR provides the necessary and appropriate outlet: no compromise, free, independent, facilitating the “quest for the optimal track”. His engagement at Berlin’s Technosaur Hard Wax also supports his innate quest: the continuous exploration of electronic music development.
Dettmann’s persistent reply to inquiries on his DJ-style – no doubts about its foundational and just natural club-oriented functionality – simply and sparsely reads “dark” and “the dark side”. At a closer look this brings to light a certain fascination in Techno: a futuristic medium inherently pointing towards the new and unseen, unexplored and unknown, undefined and unexpected.
For Dettmann Techno depicts a determination of both his life and music. At the same time it opens up the needed space to develop thoughts, actions and creations. Eventually Dettmann is having only this space in mind: Berlin, Berghain, the Club …