From until   Tickets 12€   Age limit: 18  
Bassment, Helsinki  
house, techno

Satoshi Tomiee (Saw Recordings, NYC/JPN)
Lil Tony (Innervisions, FIN)
Visions Collective
Lights: Legendary Taika Jouni (Kerma, Redrum, Rose Garden, Soda)
Hosted. Miss Katerina and her buddies

* Underground Sound Of Helsinki presents Satoshi Tomiee 1st time in Helsinki
* Biggest name ever in 150 capacity club in Helsinki
* Biggest hype we have ever writen to klubitus !
* Tears with Frankie Knuckles was kickstart for young Satoshi, rest is history
* Best Sound in Helsinki, sorry but its like that, even there are great systems around
* New Lights coming in december. Not best ones but guite nice and warm.
* Best female "ravintolapäälikkö" in town
* Best host in world
* One of the smallest dj doing warm up
* Only Rane 2016 a with eq rotation mixer + Dope Real isolator combination in town
* Too much Function one sound for that small venue. -10 db from amps.
* Angriest soundguy
* Only club which has spread toilets in Skandinavia


LIL TONY (Innervisions, FIN)

Satoshi Tomiee Biography :

Legenda Satoshi Tomiee joka lähti vaatimattomasti tuottajana liikenteeseen Frankie Knucklesin kanssa "Tears" hitillä. Huh mikä startti. No loppua ei näy. Mutta näkyypä Satoshi ensimmäistä kertaa Suomessa joulukuussa. Syy miksi Satoshia ei ole aikaisemmin tuotu on ollut lähinnä älyttömät keikkapalkkiot. Tänä päivänä Satoshia kiinostaa myös pienet alakulttuurin klubit. Bassment ja Underground Sound of Helsinki on niittänyt sen verran mainettaan että tämä oli kiinostava kohde tulla visiitille.

Arikato Satoshii ! ja Kiitos Katerinalle joka on Satoshin ystävä ja mahdollisti tämän keikan.

東京生まれ、クラシックのピアノ教育を受けジャズを聴いて育った富家はバンド活動などを経て学生時代にクラブへ通いはじめる。フランキー・ナックルズに渡したデモテープがきっかけでハウス・クラシックスとなった『TEARS』を発表、その後NYへ渡りDEF MIX PRODUCTIONSの一員としてハウス・ミュージックの礎を作った。2000年に初のアーティスト・アルバム『FULL LICK』をリリース、高い音楽性で周囲を驚かせより幅広いジャンルで一気にファンを増やした。

富家哲とパートナーHector Romeroで立ち上げたSAW.RECORDINGSはスタートから現在まで幅広いジャンルのDJたちから熱いサポートを受け、10周年を記念したアルバム『EDIZIONE』を2011年2月にリリースする。SAWはDJユースなシングルはもちろん、スイスのCHABによる初アーティスト・アルバムはじめ、『Undulation』 シリーズ、富家自身によるMIX CDシリーズ『ES』『ES-B』などそのときどきで衝撃的な作品を発表。またマイアミWMCやイビザのPACHAでのレーベルパーティはクラバーの中では定番になっていた中、ここ日本ではAIRで富家とHECTORのみならず、彼らがイチオシするアーティストを紹介する「SAW@AIR」を2008年からスタート。未だ知られていない才能にスポットライトを当て、ジャンルにとらわれることなくクオリティ高い音楽を紹介していくという富家哲の思想が貫かれているのがSAWの特徴。このことがグローバル・シーンでの高く信頼される要因となっている。 つづきをよむ

Satoshi's music career began at an early age when his parents encouraged him to study the piano. He trained for an admirable ten years, developing a distinct passion for Jazz. Soon after the sound of Hip Hop provoked him to start his foray into DJ'ing and production. Then came house as Satoshi became fascinated by the early Chicago mix-tapes he was hearing.

A Japanese cosmetic company asked Satoshi to produce a track for their forthcoming promo parties where the legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles was performing. Knuckles saw the potential in Satoshi's music and asked if he was interested in collaborating. The final result of their partnership was "Tears", a defining moment in vocal house and a song now commonly regarded as an all time classic. Satoshi soon took the leap and moved to New York.

Since his seminal hit "Tears" back in 1989, he has gone on to become a major part of the acclaimed Def Mix crew.

Although Satoshi's beginnings were based on his musicianship as a classically trained musician, he used his talents in the early years of his career to write, program and produce some of the biggest classic house records of our time. Satoshi also has remixed and worked with the likes of Photek, Kosheen, Simply Red, David Bowie, U2 and Mariah Carey, just to name a few.

Satoshi's debut solo album was 2000s massive Full Lick. The album featured the outstanding Satoshi anthem 'Love In Traffic' with Kelli Ali (ex-Sneaker Pimps) on vocals. The track was picked up by John Digweed for his Global Underground mix and remains a progressive classic to this day. The album also included 'Darkness' featuring veteran house vocalist Robert Owens, and 'Inspired' featuring Diane Charlamagne.

In 2000, Satoshi Tomiie launched his own label "SAW.RECORDINGS". It was Satoshi's desire to create a platform from which he would be able to showcase ideas and creativity that are more experimental. SAW's first single release "Paranoize" by Bipath (A collaboration work with Stephane K.) caused major excitement from DJ's worldwide. If SAW.RECORDINGS is an example of the direction that Satoshi is heading in, he is acknowledging the changes in the dance music scene, thus shifting what House music is. House music never stops evolving and expanding its borders and Satoshi Tomiie is in the forefront of this movement.

Satoshi's Saw Recordings label has carved out a niche and has earned a formidable reputation for credible club grooves. Taking its name from a sound wave, the company has to date unleashed over 70 singles along with 5 albums including Chab's sublime variety of rock, electro and house tracks, SLOK, Guy Gerber, Audiofly X, Jim Rivers, Nick Chacona, Nathan Fake, Lexicon Avenue and Satoshi's own mix compilations ES and ES-B.

When Satoshi was invited by compilation kings Global Underground to contribute a mix to their NuBreed series, it was a great honor. Satoshi is the first American based DJ to be asked to record a NuBreed album which is known for only working with the leading cutting edge DJ's. Satoshi's album remains the fastest and highest selling NuBreed to date.

Receiving the highest honor as a DJ, in 2001 Satoshi Tomiie was voted by the public into the 30 spot of the World's Top 100 DJ List and Best Tech House DJ Ibiza DJ Award. Satoshi is also finding International recognition now as a Label owner besides his proven talents as a DJ, Producer / Artist and Musician.

The last few years have been all about DJing for Satoshi. This Japanese New Yorker has been virtually everywhere you can think of in recent years, in March 05 Tomiie was also voted Americas ..15 favorite DJ in the world by the premier Electronic magazine BPM. He only spins in his home city (Tokyo) every six months or so; the rest of the time he's traveling, using the Big Apple as a second home which also serves as a handy midpoint between Asia, South America and Europe - where a lot of his gigs are.

In 2006, Satoshi was chosen to mix the first album of Renaissance's new series 3D. The 3 CD series will include the following discs: Club, Home, and Studio. This is a step above any ordinary compilation as it will offer a 3-dimensional view into Satoshi's musical life spread across the three discs. The 'Club' disc will be a straight-up reflection of the sets he is currently playing in clubs. Disc 2 'Studio' disc will feature a selection of his original productions and remixes. Disc 3 will be 'Home', a selection of tracks; mixed or unmixed that Satoshi listens to in his downtime and tracks that has influenced him over the years.

Following up with the releasing 2 albums of successful 'Masters' series on Renaissance and releasing of his own singles 'Glow' as well as 'Solar Wind'. 2010 he released 'Back 2 Basics' featuring the remixes from Andre Ledermann and Mabaan Soul as a follow up single under Mes on SAW.RECORDINGS.

Although Satoshi is quiet and unassuming; he gets on with the job of playing and producing quality underground dance music