manSEDANse 2011 w/ Friccara Pacchu, RasMoose, MARry. DJ's +++

  From until   Tickets 6€   Age limit: 18  
Club Telakka, Tampere   Show map  
chill, disco, experimental, industrial, urban

Fricara Pacchu (Fonal, Haamuaudio, FI)
RasMoose (Jätkäjätkät, FI)
MARy. DJ's

+ other surprises in a form of Sound!

mansedanse 2011 /// 03.-09.10. @ Tampere

The time is at hand: As wintery winds approach, let's grab a grip on something majestic to fend off the danger of being bored by the north - manSEDANse 2011!

A week of startling seminars, fascinating talks, engrossing workshops, dramatic festivities and club nights beyond brilliant. Amazing acts, inspiring people, food for thought, and love potion for your ear canals.

Kehräämö/Kutomo project space, Finlayson
manSEDANse Play! / Audiohackers Workshop / manSEDANse Open / workshops / lectures / exhibition / tinkering / hacks / education

Night (from thursday to sunday)
Klubi + 931 + Telakka
DJ Stingray (USA) / Lone (UK) / Anstam (DE) / Fantastic Mr Fox (UK) / Näköradiomies / Fricara Pacchu / L A S / DCOM / Sipitron / Rasmoose + more more more

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