Playground 3 years anniversary, part of Orkidea 20 tour

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house, techno

Orkidea (Jack, Unity, Love)
Stefano Libelle (GER)
Paul Easy (Clinic, After Hours)
Milla Lehto (After Hours)
Unik (Playground)
Peak (Playground)
Flink (Playground)




Orkidea (Jack, Unity, Love)

Stefano Libelle (GER)

Paul Easy (Clinic, After Hours)

Milla Lehto (After Hours, Pussy eau de Club)


Unik (Playground)

Flink (Playground)

Peak (Playground)




22:00 Milla Lehto
23:45 Stefano Libelle
01:15 Orkidea
02:45 Paul Easy
end 04:30


23:30 Unik b2b Peak b2b Flink


Friday 27.1.2012 // 22:00-05:00 // Age 18


Iso Roobertinkatu 10
00120 Helsinki


Door: 10€ €

Lights: marX (Clinic)

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Stefano Libelle bio

Stefano Libelle is well known and very present at his hometown Mannheim and his region. Since his residency at the legendary Vibration Club at Forst in the near of Karlsruhe, some gigs at the cultish "Milk!" Club in Mannheim in the beginning of the 90´s, other self-made legal and illegal Events and endless gigs at all relevant clubs of the Rhein-Neckar-Area, he is a kind of a trademark for solid sound and party guarantee.

He has also visited foreign countries for deejaying to present his taste of music, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg for example embellish his discography. Very special was the invitation by Paul van Dyk and MFS to play for them at their "Wahre Liebe"-Event on the Love Parade at one of the famous Clubs in the world, the E-Werk in Berlin in 1997.

At this time he was a German rebel for british progressive House with own productions and remixes together with Ray Boye on Hardy Heller´s label Planetary Consciousness and other labels/ companies. Today he is spinning an genius selection of Minimal House and Techno, you should have heard about the so called “Rhein-Main-House-Sound” out of Germany.

Beside his residency at the famous club in his area called The LOFT Club in Ludwigshafen, where he is playing together with the big names of the "bizz", he was initiator of a little but beloved and monthly party night called "The Clash" at the SOHO Club Mannheim, which he is conducting together with a friend and another DJ called Nick Curly. Picking up that the concept later with Sasch BBC another upcoming artist from Mannheim and started a new party range called “kopfüber durch die Nacht” with another DJ and friend called DJ Vedat when he found some time between the other gigs.

All local bigger events like the time warp festival, the "Heimspiel" at the MS Connexion, the Harlequins Castle in the hills of the "Odenwald", the Rajo-Events in Mannheim or for example Mark Spoons´s (R.I.P.) birthday partys at the legendary airport club Frankfurt the Dorian Gray decorates his DJ history. In the past he was also a continuous guest at various clubs/ events from the agency "Hertzmusic" at Kaiserslautern, diverse clubs in Karlsruhe (Gotec with Harry Klein Night, Mood Lounge, Erdbeermund and others), diverse club nights at Ulm (Chàteau Knarz for example), KiTU & Blau & already the new club Audion at Saarbrücken and well… a lot of other gigs as well across south of Germany and last but not leased he is frequently invided by the german party institute "x-society".

His very intensive experience over the years and his intuition for the right record to the right point in time makes him to a solid DJ which stays with his sets almost in best memories. "On Air" he has played at the HR3 Club night, Sunshine Live and also some other radio stations in Germany and overseas.
Now, after a ten years break he started again to produce own music together with Tobias Pender (The Pender) and Steffen Baumann, with him together there will be the first Remix in November 2009. The track is called “Rausch & Laurin – get behind me and is released on Hertzklopfen Records. Second output was a release on Debox Music called Stefano Libelle - anything but three and last but not least he has released one track for the five year anniversary compilation of 8bit Recordings, the track is called "do you know" and the release is out on May 2011.

12.11.2011 - 18.02.2012


This tour celebrates Orkidea’s new album & 20 years of DJing and continues where Taika and Metaverse release tours left. We’ve booked Finland’s best DJs, most enthusiastic local promoters and best venues for an extensive 30 date tour. This will be the biggest club tour so far in Finland and we’ll also visit legendary international venues like Ministry of Sound in London and Technoclub in Frankfurt.


The album '20' celebrates Orkidea’s 20 years of DJing. It features brand new Orkidea productions, collaborations with Solarstone, Lowland, Heikki L, JS16 and remixes for Tilt vs Paul van Dyk, Way Out West and Art of Trance. Also included are remakes of trance classics such as 'Hale Bopp' & 'Sun Down' and 2011 remixes of Orkidea classics 'Unity' and 'Beautiful'. The album is released by Universal Music in Scandinavia and Solarstone's Solaris label in the rest of the known universe. Release date is 11.11.11.


The album comes equipped with a beautiful 40 page book, that takes us into the history of finnish clubbing and electronic music scene. Featuring interviews with 20 finnish club legends such as Alex Nieminen, Lil' Tony, Mr.A, Proteus & Tab and some ultra rare interviews with the likes of Sam Inkinen and Eliot Ness. These indepth interviews were conducted by DJ/journalist Erkko Lehtinen. The book - designed by Niko Nyman and Jani Isoranta - is visualized with photos from Finland's most talented club photographer's collections from 1991-2011.


01) Orkidea: Beautiful (Orkidea’s Whiteout Remix)
02) Orkidea & JS16: Hale Bopp
03) Orkidea & Solarstone: Slowmotion II
04) Orkidea: Sun Down
05) Orkidea: Pacifique
06) Art of Trance: Chung Kuo (Orkidea Remix)
07) Lowland & Orkidea: Blackbird
08) Orkidea: Tw3nty
09) Way Out West: Killa (Orkidea 2011 Remix)
10) Orkidea: Hot Trigger
11) Orkidea: Unity (15th Anniversary Mix)

+CD contains unique code for downloading additional tracks & remixes:
12) Tilt vs Paul van Dyk: Rendezvous (Orkidea Remix)
13) Orkidea & Heikki L: Sphere
14) Orkidea: Lifetime Warranty
15) Orkidea: Liberation



Unity, JACK, Kerma, Pete Tong, LOVE, Armada, Beautiful, Nylon, Anjunabeats, Killa, Sun, DTM, Paul Oakenfold, Black Hole, Gatecrasher, Andy Moor, YearZero, Illusions, Uunisaari, Gareth Emery, Metaverse, Solaris, Bye Bye Beautiful, Pacifique, Hype, Jose Padilla, Aeroplane, AVA, Konemetsä, Lepakko, Sven Väth, Tiesto, Flight 643, Perfecto, God's Garden, Renaissance, Pussy, Hesperia, Hallmark, Nature One, Universal Music, Eric Prydz, One Minute Rave, Pacha, Labyrinth, Laserpoint, Sasha, Oranssi, Ministry of Sound, Q, Solarstone, Tresor, Unity The Island. The story continues...