BASS JAM vol. 3

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Sörkän Helmi, Helsinki  
disco, drum'n'bass, hard, house, urban

Lucky Chucky (UK), Daddy Flix (FRA), Ugly Baby, Trampboat, The Doocs, Prospero (Ivah Sound), DeWi, JahTafarI (Ivah Sound), MC Cypha (Ivah Sound), MC Sean LaRoi

BASS JAM vol. 3 @ Sörkän Helmi


We went looking for a place out in nowhere where we could arrange something more out of the grid, but at the same time close to the city. We found this; in daylight only an innocent lunch restaurant, but we're gonna transform it into one of the maddest venues around. And that only for one night!

This one will be all about a show - more than any other normal club party: we present you some of Helsinki's brightest, upcoming DJ's. Armed with heavy bass and professional light jockeys, we're gonna turn the place into a mayhem with tons of lights, smoke and amazing sound.

Anyway, being one of this crew's last summer events, we invite you to come and party like small animals, feel the basskraze and also enjoy the more relaxed vibes and good weather (of course) on the terrace side, while it's still possible!

Sound & Light by:


● Lucky Chucky (UK) b2b Daddy Flix (FRA)​y-chucky

● Ugly Baby​baby

● Trampboat (Eulogy Recordings, DarkAsylum Records)​rampboat​pboat

● The Doocs​doocs

● Prospero (Ivah Sound) + MC Sean LaRoi​pero​ospero/

● DeWi​wi/

● JahTafarI (Ivah Sound)​lectaJahTafari/

● MC Cypha (Ivah Sound)​d

Prospero & DeWi


Ivah Sound​d