Monday Bar Spring Break Cruise 2011

  From until   Age limit: 20  
M/s Silja Galaxy, Stockholm   Show map  
hard, house, psy, techno, trance

Ferry Corsten (NL)
Boy George (UK)
Marc Vedo (UK)
Solarstone (UK)
Lange (UK)
Tempo Giusto (UK/FI)
Headhunterz (NL)
Max Enforcer (NL)
Crypsis (NL)
Ran-D (NL)
Angerfist (NL)
Dark by Design (UK)
Stana (SE)
Talamasca (FR)
Tenka (DK)
Perplex (FR)
Chaman (SE)
Mad Actors (SE)
Bohemica (SE)
Rokkaz (SE)
Puppan (SE)

On this particular cruise, we are proud to present a couple of true dance music legends in their own respect, super trance dj and producer Ferry Corsten (NL) and 80's pop icon Boy George (UK), now with a second musical career as house dj. Naturally, these two mega stars will perform on our main floor. Here, we have also booked international top talent such as trance masters Solarstone (UK), Lange (UK) and Tempo Giusto (UK/FI). Marc Vedo (UK) will open the night with a fierce house set and dutch hardstyle superstar Headhunterz will close at 06.30 in the morning.

Our second floor is where the harder stuff will be played, with hard style, tech trance and hardcore djs Max Enforcer (NL), Crypsis (NL), Ran-D (NL), Angerfist (NL), Dark by Design (UK), Stana (SE).

Our third floor is this time hosted by TECHNOSTATE, one of Sweden's leading promoters of psy trance events. The lineup is really impressive with a selection of international and local swedish live acts and djs: Talamasca (FR), Tenka (DK), Perplex (FR), Chaman (SE), Mad Actors (SE), Bohemica (SE), Rokkaz (SE), Puppan (SE).

Arrival / Departure
Departure, Stockholm
Tallink-Silja ferry terminal, Värtahamnen
Thursday, March 10, 19:30 (7:30 PM)
(local swedish time)

Arrival, Turku
Tallink-Silja ferry terminal
Friday, March 11, 07:00 (7:00 AM)
(local finnish time +1 hour)

Departure, Turku
Tallink-Silja ferry terminal
Friday, March 11, 08:00 (8:00 AM)
(local finnish time +1 hour)

Arrival, Stockholm
Tallink-Silja ferry terminal, Värtahamnen
Friday, March 11, 18:15 (6:15 PM)
(local swedish time)

To join this cruise you need to book a cabin. There are cabins for 2-4 people that you can share with your friends. You only pay for your cabin, no other cost will be added apart from the drinks and food that you consume on board and the money spent on duty free goods.

If you chose to travel alone and don't want to pay for a whole cabin by yourself, you can ask for an all male or female cabin which mean that you will share a cabin with another person of the same sex. Ask about this when you make your booking.

Alteration of your booking can be made even after the tickets have been paid. Just speak to the booking office in Sweden.

To book tickets and questions regarding payment etc, please call Silja Line booking office (open daily 08:00-20:00 local swedish time).

Bookings will be available from Monday, January 24.

Silja Line booking office: +46 (0)8-666 33 33 or +46 (0)8-22 21 40
Booking code: MBAR


The age limit for going on the cruise is 20 years. However, if you are 18-19 years old you can apply for an exemption given that you will travel in the company of older friends. You will need to state their names and birth dates when applying for this at the booking office. If a cabin booking has already been made, make sure that you can state the booking reference.

All prices in SEK (Swedish krona)

Approximate prices in Euro within brackets
Divide SEK by 11 for UK pounds


E class B class A class/A premium (2 ppl)

4 persons 780:- (€87) 890:- (€100) 960:- (€108)

3 persons 870:- (€98) 1040:- (€117) 1100:- (€124)

2 persons 960:- (€108) 1190:- (€133) 1290:- (€145)

1 person 1630:- (€183) 1840:- (€207) 2050:- (€230)

De Luxe Suite Suite with balcony

2 persons 1890:- (€212) 2170:- (€244) 2560:- (€288)

1 person 3210:- (€361) 3780:- (€424) 4560:- (€512)