Black Sun Empire (NL)

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○ Bass System Presents: Club VOID with Black Sun Empire ○
Black Sun Empire (NL), Defence (HKI) & Void DJ:s
Fri/Pe 13.05.2011 @ YO-Talo (Tampere)

►Black Sun Empire (NL)

Black Sun Empire represent the finest in dark and techy dancefloor drum and bass.

Black Sun Empire is the stage name of a team of Dutch disc jockeys and Drum & Bass music producers Rene Verdult and brothers Milan and Micha Heyboer.

Based out of Utrecht, Netherlands, they started making Drum & Bass in 1995 when they turned to the likes of artists such as Photek, LTJ Bukem, and Ed Rush. Before that they enjoyed Techno and Breaks. After having a few releases on smaller record labels, they managed to get the attention of bigger producers like Trace, currently known for his DSCI4 label. At the moment they have three labels of their own; Black Sun Empire Recordings, oBSEssions and Shadows of the Empire. The group's name comes from the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, which appeared in the Star Wars novel Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.

They also lent one of their tracks ("Arrakis") to the E³ 2006 trailer of the game EVE Online titled "No Other Destiny".

In 2008 Black Sun Empire started to produce Dubstep: "Cold Crysis" is an example of Black Sun Empire Dubstep production.

►Defence (HKI)

Defence is a newcomer to the drum'n'bass scene from Finland. The guys, Matti (Matic) and Mikko (Quadra) have been around in the local scene already for some years on their own, but sharing similar influences and interests in music as well as being good friends, it was natural to for them to have a go at writing tracks together. Thus, Defence was born.

Matti and Mikko are both originally hip hop heads, but after hearing tracks like "Horizons" and "Watermelon" nearly a decade ago, there's been no turning back. Since then people have been able to witness them rocking the crowd separately and together at parties around Finland. Both guys are know for their strict sense of style and tight mixing, as well as being diverse dj's covering different areas of drum'n'bass.

Same applies to their production. When the duo goes to the studio, no style of drum'n'bass is left unexplored. Crisp beats collide with funk-fueled basslines and the results of these sessions have already been supported by the likes of Blu Mar Ten, Randall, Physics and L.A.O.S.

►Warm UP by VOID Dj`s Mefisto/Subsense/TraOne

Fri/Pe 13.05.2011 @ YO-Talo (Tampere)

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