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Bar Hovi, Rauma  
breaks, disco, house, oldskool

M-za, Kalle Karvanen, Hexe

M-za (Funking Up/Concussion Crew)


The name M-za comes from back in the days when skateboarding was cool as hell and hiphop was still hiphop. It was around late 90′s. Just a teenager but the music was anyhow a great passion. With M-za it all began with hiphop and then started to spread to reggae and all kinds of music styles. The resurrection happened in 2007 when M-za found TUT’s electronic music club called Spinni. There he learned how to DJ and was introduced to dubstep by Stinks (a fellow Concussionist nowadays). Things started to spread and M-za found not only dubstep but also tha funk that he was already familiar with through hiphop and its samples. Nowadays M-za is part of Concussion crew which is doing bassweighty radio shows at NuBreaks.com. The Concussionists (elysion, M-za & Stinks) are playing every other monday dubstep and drum&bass on the Concussion show – Oh! My Brain Hurts. M-za’s other project is Groovy Goose which is all about nice and mellow grooves like funk, soul, house, disco and hiphop. Monthly Groovy Goose nights are held at Kahvila Valo. Partner in crime is dj freeve and the night also features from time to time guest DJ’s.

On Friday 25.2 at JaMit, this groove-messenger from Tampere is going to nuke the dancefloor with the funkiest breaks Bar Hovi has ever heard.

Kalle Karvanen (X0X Records/RBMA/Acid Symphony Orchestra/X-Rust)

Kalle Karvanen, a DJ, promoter and a record label manager, freaked out to electronic dance music in the mid 90's, started making own tracks and collecting vintage analogue gear in 1997, then deejaying in 1998.

In playing records Kalle isn't stuck to one particular genre. He plays electro, techno, italo, acid and acid house tracks, not forgetting his past in hiphop and big beat. His mixing style is tight and mindblowing and this also got him to a situation where he was the first finnish who participated to Red Bull Music Academy, which was held in New York in 2001 (sadly during the WTC terrorist attack. You can read the finnish version of what really happened from here).

Kalle is also a part of a liveact called Technical Directors, which idea is to play 110% live sets with vintage gear and create every sound in front of the live audience, mostly with legendary Roland x0x-series drum machines and synthesizers. Other liveact he is participating is Acid Symphony Orchestra which brings ten synced up Roland TB-303's + one drum machine on stage. Besides of this all Kalle is also producing his own music, which is an ever-lasting construction site...

In JaMit Kalle will perform a special Hip-House set for us so don´t expect anything less than a ridiculous amount of bootyshakin´ classics that´ll make your body move in a way you never thought was possible.

Hexe (JaMit Resident)

Hexe, the new host of JaMit-events has been collecting vinyl records and DJ:ing since 2002. He became famous in finlands underground scene for his skillful 3-deck techno sets between the years 2004-2007. From 2007 until the end of 2010 he lived and worked abroad but is now back in Finland and back in business!
Hexe spins usually Deep House and Dub & Detroit-Techno but on 25.2 at Jamit we are going to hear a special Downtempo Disco-set. These special edits from disco and funk tunes are a perfect warm up for the evening and something you should not miss so come in early!