Smoldering City presents: DANNY HOWELLS & NICK WARREN

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house, techno, trance

Danny Howells (Dig Deeper, UK),
Nick Warren (Hope Records, UK),
Homegrove (Liquid Crystal Sounds),
VJ Sakke Soini

Smoldering City presents:
19.2.2011 | 22.00 - 04.00 | Klubi, Humalistonkatu 8, Turku

Turun vuoden 2011 Euroopan kulttuuripääkaupunki -teemavuosi ulottuu myös Klubille. Ensimmäinen kulttuuripääkaupunkiohjelmaan kuuluvista neljästä tapahtumaillasta koetaan lauantaina 19. helmikuuta.

Smoldering City -nimen alla sykkivään juhlaan loihditaan kansainväliset mitat täyttävä konemusiikkitapahtuma. Tapahtuman tähdet loistavat ylimmän kerroksen Live-tilassa. Dj-sukupolven ikonit ja konemusiikin pioneerit, englantilais-dj:t Danny Howells ja Nick Warren (Global Underground, Way Out West) vievät tanssinnälkäiset kansalaiset konemusiikin ytimeen: basso puhuu eikä liikkuvaa valoa sekä kuvaa säästellä, kun kokeneet maailmaa nähneet tiskijukat työstävät Turun alkuvuoden kovimmat bileet.

Danny Howells (Dig Deeper, UK)
Nick Warren (Hope Records, UK)
Homegrove (Liquid Crystal Sounds)
VJ Sakke Soini

Date: 19.2.2011 / 22.00 - 04.00
Venue: Klubi, Humalistonkatu 8, Turku
Age limit: 18

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- From door: 25€
- VIP Package: 100€

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- Bottle of sparkling wine served to table
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Danny is one of the few DJs on the scene today that truly has a style of his own. With his passion for all styles of music and infectious personality, Danny has created a unique, eclectic sound that has established him as one of the top DJs in the world. Danny is one of the hardest working and most dedicated individuals in the business with over 16 years experience and a hectic touring schedule that constantly takes him around the world. He's played in the world's coolest clubs and held residencies at Arc, Twilo, Renaissance, Home, and Bedrock, so its no coincidence that he's been placed in DJ Magazine's top 100 DJs in the world for the last 9 years.

Danny's most recent compilation was his eclectic selection for the highly acclaimed Choice series on Azuli, which received fantastic reviews worldwide, whilst previously he underwent an intense world tour to promote his addition to the long running Global Underground series, GU27 Miami - having already released a Nu-Breed and a 24/7 mix for the label, Danny was the obvious choice. This adds to Danny's continually growing back catalogue of mixes for labels such as Renaissance as well as his own Nocturnal Frequencies series.

His mixes have also made waves on the world famous Essential Mix, where his fourth mix aired in early 2007. It's not just as a DJ where Danny has made a name for himself, he's also an accomplished producer and remixer. Together with production partner Dick Trevor, the pair have been responsible for many stand out tracks, including the timeless Persuasion/Repercussion on Bedrock Records, Breathe on Renaissance Records (which was re-released on Cr2 with some killer new remixes) and Kinkyfunk on Yoshitoshi Records. They also hit the charts in 2004 with their Miami hit Dusk till Dawn, which was released on Cr2 Records and featured the vocals of Erire.

Danny has also had massive dance-floor success with Deep Dish as "Size DDD" and the Eminem sampling "Nobody listens to techno". On the remix front Danny and Dick have recently remixed Roachford's "Ride The Storm", Madonna's hit single "Get Together", Marco Bailey's "Smooth Driver", and Destiny's Child "Soldier". Previously Danny has remixed artists such as Robbie Williams, David Morales, BT, Chakra, Ashtrax, Coco and Stonebridge and many more, most recently "Waiting For You" by Bent.

Danny has come a long way since his early beginnings Djing at Bedrock in his hometown of Hastings, though his complete love of all music remains the same. Danny is a DJ with a broad musical taste who likes anything from jazz to rock, to pop and anything a bit bizarre. He likes to champion his own special tracks and records that nobody else has latched on to and has a way of combining cutting edge grooves with crowd pleasing dynamics that enable him to connect with his audience making him one of the hottest DJs in the world.

NICK WARREN | Hope Records, UK
You can tell when Nick Warren's on the decks. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. On the floor, where it really matters, the crowd experiences all the peaks and troughs that make Warren’s sensibility so unique. He might start with his deeper take on house, gradually morph into harder territory; then, once Warren has the throng fully in his grip, sweating and losing themselves in the music, moving on instinct, he takes them to points unknown they never expected to go. That's why Nick Warren is so respected: he knows how to truly work a crowd, delivering again and again, yet taking them somewhere they’ve never been before. That's what comes with vision and, just as importantly in Warren’s case, experience.

To this day, Warren remains at the forefront of club culture: he packs clubs and arenas worldwide from London to Los Angeles to Taipei, transfixing dancefloors with his distinctively forward blend of credible progressive sounds, cutting-edge techno, atmospheric layers and any other grooves Warren deems appropriate for his turntable alchemy. 2008 also finds Warren reaching other milestones. He’s releasing his eighth mix CD for the Global Underground series, GU035: Lima; he’s also completing his fourth studio album with Way Out West, Warren’s pioneering electronic/band collaboration with Jody Wisternoff. Warren also recently became head of A&R for Hope Recordings, keeping him immersed in the shifting tides of new dance-music movements. “I’m doing same thing I did when I started—just playing music I love,” he says. “It’s as inspiring as ever. In Lima, we did the party for the Global mix on the grass in front of a stadium, and the crowd was as enthusiastic and curious as any I’ve ever had. It was one of the best parties I’ve ever done.”

What makes Warren’s vision continue to resonate is that he’s honed it over the years. He was there for the dawn of today’s club culture, and the original ethos of bringing integrity and a forward, future-looking aesthetic to what he does never left him. Warren began spinning at free parties in fields during acid house’s halcyon “Summer of Love” back in ’88: then, the revelry typically ended around lunchtime two days after the rave began, and seminal electronic artists like Leftfield and Orbital were making their mark with their first tracks. The culture was so new, DJs weren’t considered the icons they are today; if you were behind the decks, you were doing it for the music above all else, not money or fame. Despite Warren’s continuing success, that original motivation has never left him. “We never wanted to be ‘superstar DJs,’” Warren says of himself and his peers that rose to fame out of the dance-music revolution. “There was no such thing. I was just lucky to be there at the beginning. In those days, we were focused on creating and playing the next thing—music no one else had ever heard.”

Warren’s DJ sets always were set apart by their moody atmosphere—a key element of music from his Bristol hometown. Warren ascribes that to the influence of the city’s multicultural makeup, which found punters of all races attending dub parties from the likes of Jah Shaka. “Seeing him make so many sounds with just one turntable was incredible,” Warren recalls. “It was all about moving hips, about reverb, about the space between sounds. That epic silence in the right place became the sound of Bristol.”

“The ‘control freak’ side that every DJ has still comes out in me whenever I play music in a dark room,” he explains. “Whether it’s 600 people in a club or 10,000 at a festival, I love that I can take the crowd anywhere. It’s amazing I’m still surprised every day. When I stop searching for music, I’ll have to quit. But the moment, I’m as excited as I’ve ever been.”