HALLMARK - The 11th Birthday Celebration with Roger Shah

  From until   Tickets 15€   Age limit: 20   http://www.hallmark.fi  
The Circus, Helsinki  

ROGER SHAH aka. Sunlounger & DJ Shah (Magic Island Rec)

Roger Shah, Sunlounger, Black Pearl, High Noon at Salinas, Global Experience, Savannah and of course DJ Shah. No matter under which guise he releases it, every single track is a sunny, Balearic beauty with a warm touch to it.
He is the undisputed king of balearic trance.

DJ TAB & SUPER8 - Hallmark

Location: The Circus, Salomonkatu 1-3, Narinkkatori, Helsinki
Opening hours: 22pm - 04am
Age limit 20 and older
Tickets: 15 EUR in advance from Tiketti - More on the door