From until   Tickets 12€   Age limit: 20  
Club playground, Helsinki  
breaks, psy, trance


SHIFT (Nexus media, za),
Talpa (Tesseract Studio, srb),
Daksinamurti (Nexus media, de),
Unitone (Sunstation, vertigo, ru),


Usb human (Just Music, za),
The Riddler (UP/MMR records, srb),
Zenitah (One foot groove),
Miazu (mmd records),

Decorations: TBO & Havainto
Venue: Club playground
Fee: 12 €

vastaa kysymyksiin ja voita sisäänpääsy tapahtumaan sekä mahdollisesti levyjä.
vastaukset tapahtuman topikkiin, parhaat vastaukset voittavat!!

1. Mikä on Talpan lempi ruokaa?
2. Mitä soitinta Talpa muistuttaa?
3. Minkä värinen oli talpan ensimmäinen auto?
4. Mikä on Shiftin lempi laji?
5. Kuka suomalainen artisti on julkaissut Shiftin kanssa samalla kokoelmalla?
6. Mikä oli Shiftin lempi sarjakuvasankari pienenä?
7. Mikä on Daksinamurtin koiran nimi?
8. Kuinka monta kertaa Daksinamurti jaksaa juosta kentän ympäri?
9. Mikä on Unitonen ensimmäiseksi oppima suomalainen sana?
10. Mikä on Unitonen lempi juoma?

1. What is Talpas favourite meal?
2. What instrument Talpa lookalike?
3. What color was Talpas first car?
4. What is Shifts favourite sport?
5. Wich finnish artist has released track on same compilation with shift?
6. What is shifts favourite comicbook hero when he was child?
7. What was or is Daksinamurtis dogs name?
8. How many laps can Daksinamurti run?
9. What finnish word has Unitone learned firts?
10. Whats Unitones fav drink?


Since early childhood Chris has played musical instruments and studied music in various forms, but it was only while completing his university degree that he realized his passion for dance music and his ability to produce it was discovered as he toyed with software on his bedroom PC. His first international release was Virtucon Inc. released by Microdot records in 2001 and since then, well… with over 120 international psy-trance releases in 3 projects to his name, and the experience gained in setting up Timecode Records, and now Nexus Media, one could say he is one of the busiest producers in the scene.


Juric Goran aka TALPA, born in 1982. in Subotica, Serbia.
At the age of 15, he started to make electronic music out of hobby. It lasted for 3
years, the time it took him to know the basics and the tools of production, which he
began to use more and more every day for 16 hours. Even without any serious works, the
first that showed the interest in his music was label from Australia, Sundance records,
which released two of his tracks on a compilation. That?s when a serious work in the field
of production began. Soon after that he made a deal with the same label for an album which
was released in October 2004, named ?Art of Being Non?. After he served the army in 2005,
began the first appearances in the world .In the year of 2008. his second album "When The
Somberness Becomes A Game" was released for same label, giving everyone a unique view on his
music. In the meantime, he was releasing his tracks on various labels, such as Suntrip Rec,
UP / MMR Records. Fabula Rec, Boom Rec, Digital Psionic. Today his third album is on it's way
to take over the world. This achievement will be released on UP / MMR Records records 2010.


Daksinamurti is Till Christopher Kuhn from Marburg Germany.

Dj Daksinamurti is a time and space traveling earthling from Marburg, Germany.
Till joined Shiva Space Technology in 2005 and was involved in the Indian label Rudrakshrec. as Co-Manager & A & R.
2007 he joined South Africa's Nexus Media and did a compilation on TIMECODE in 2010 as well as 3 other Cds and plays for swiss based PEAK Recods.
Daksis recipe for the dance floor is a journey through powerful night / twilight psychedelic trance with strong groove, powerful melodies, psychedelic sometimes organic- tribal atmospheric soundscapes.


Unitone (Uni’ means dream in finno-ugric languages and ‘tone’ means nothing else as tone) is a Dj moniker for Anton Borissov who was born in Russia and grew up in Tallinn (Estonia). Since early childhood Anton’s main passion was music, thanks to his father who as a seaman brought home a lot of records from all over the world that helped him to develope good musical taste. So it’s not a surprise that young Anton wanted to become a “decks jedi “or DJ. Little by little he had learned how to mix groove and to make people move. In the memorable year of 1997 Anton got heavily infected by electronic psychedelic virus and started to widespread it further through his sets playing all the variety of trance music.
Since 2002 Anton had played many gigs all around Baltic States, and also Russia and Finland as well as participating in organization of many events in his home city Tallinn. In 2004 he found himself living in St. Petersburg (Russia) where he meat a few freaks who share same interests and thoghether they had founded independent label called Sun Station which unites artists, Djs and designers. And his role is actually to be proper A&R, booking manager and kicking label DJ.
Unitone is an experienced performer who played at many different events: from multithouthand raves to underground forest gatherings and from crowdy clubs to cozy bars. His is probably the most booked psytrance dj out of St. Petersburg, performing at parties and festivals all around Russia as well as in European countries.
When Unitone plays his sets he tries to amaze crowd with something new and original. Depending on the mood of the party music can be twisted hypnotic and psychedelic with driving basslines up to groovy tunes with quirky sounds, funky riffs and atmospheric melodies. For special events he also ready to serve a mixture of progressive house, chilled down electro and breaks or IDM with smooth psychedelic touch. Not stucked into any paticular style of music his sets are always sincere and worth to hear.