FADE presents Paul Jackson (Ministry of Sound, UK)

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Jenny Woo, Helsinki  
house, techno

Paul Jackson (Ministry of Sound, UK)
Mr. A (DanceteriA)
Milla Lehto (Pussy eau de club)
Oded Peled (Misc)
Casper (FADE)
Boy Jorge (FADE)

Vj Klaustrofobia


Visuaalista ilotulitusta ja tiukkaa klubisoundia yhdistävä konseptiklubi FADE starttaa syksyn kauden uudessa lokaatiossa Jenny Woossa tuomalla Helsinkiin keikalle Ministry of Sound- dj:n Paul Jacksonin yhteistyössä Misc Managementin kanssa.

Tiukkaakin tiukempana bile-dj:nä tunnettu Paul Jackson on toiminut resident dj:nä ympäri maailmaa mm. Amnesia (Ibiza), The Cross (Lontoo) ja Ministry of Sound (Lontoo).
Näiden ohella Paul soittaa aktiivisesti keikkoja kaikissa maailman johtavissa klubeissa ja tekee kiertueita mm. Defectedin, Radio 1:n, MTV:n ja Subliminalin riveissä ja oman tuotantonsa lisäksi on remixannut mm. Bob Sinclairia, Jamiroquaita, Gus Gusia, TLC:tä, Pinkiä ja Ultra Nate´a.

Tapahtuman soundipuolta tähdittää lisäksi äärimmäisen kovatasoinen line up suomen parhaista dj:stä koostuen; pääsalissa tanssikansaa tanssittavat Mr. A (DanceteriA), Milla Lehto (Pussy eau de club), Oded Peled (Misc) ja baaripuolella FADE:n omat residentit Casper ja Boy Jorge.

Tapahtuman visuaaleista vastaa Vj Klaustrofobia ja lisäksi esitellään kaksi ulkomaista urbaania valokuvanäyttelyä; Jonny Cochran (London, UK): Golden Mile ja Valentina Quintano (Copenhagen, Denmark): White Life Sentence.

Jotta Paul Jacksonin ja ystävien setti kuulostaisi mahdollisimman hyvältä ja järisyttäisi Helsingin ydinkeskustan maata mahdollisimman voimakkaasti, paikalle tuodaan Funktion Onen äänentoisto Battery Soundsystemin mahdollistamana.

Tapahtuman mahdollistamassa mukana myös Martini ja Klaus K Hotel.

Eli ei muuta kuin tanssikengät jalkaan ja get your groove on, baby! 

Paul Jacksonin kesämixtapea voit käydä diggailemassa [url= ]täällä[/url]:

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Paul Jackson
Audio Therapy / Sutil / Underwater | London - UK

Darren Emerson signed Paul to Underwater Records back in January 2003 after Pete Tong made The Push - a moody, ethnic influenced epic and Paul’s second solo production effort (the first being Bulldozer on Fluential Records) - Essential New Tune. It was released in April 2003 and gained great critical acclaim from both DJs (Jon Carter, Steve Lawler, Sasha & Annie Nightingale) and the press. In October Jackson dropped Rock and Roll/The Way We Do It a dark and heavy, yet beautiful and melodic composition on the label, the double A-side again moved Jackson further up the scale.

In January 2004 Jackson re-released The Push (Far From Here), with an haunting vocal from Dirty Vegas Steve Smith. The track, complete with Steve’s vocal sold over 20,000 copies, and had crowds electrified.

Paul's has a unique style that exudes in all he creates, be it his DJ sets, his remixes and his own solo productions. After DJing for over 15 years all over the World, Paul still performs each set as if it were his first with passion, excitement and for the sheer love of the music. If you are lucky to witness one of his sets, you can be assured that you will not be able to stop moving until he does. His ability to connect with the crowd have won him numerous residencies over the years from Amnesia (Ibiza) The Cross (London), Ministry of Sound (London), Madrid, and of course Underwater.

Paul has also played regularly in all of the UKs leading clubs as well as tours for dance music’s leading labels and media outlets - including Subliminal, Defected, Radio 1 and MTV. Therefore, Paul is no stranger to airport lounges; he has seen most of them around the World from Argentina, Australia, Prague, Asia, Greece, Scandinavia, Spain, USA, Dubai, Russia, and Wales. Alas, Almaty airport lounge in Kazakhstan remains to be seen, with its infamous huge painting of an old Hindenberg Airship crashing! Damn!

An ability to infuse dark melodic pieces into driving beats has scored remixes for Dido with Stoned for BMG, Gus Gus Call of the Wild for Underwater, The Donatella movements Get Ready, Starbeach Get Naked for SuSu and most recently has added his remixing abilities to Faithless Weapon of Mass Destruction a huge player for DJs around the globe. I must not forget to mention the awesome remixes for Bob Sinclair and TLC.

Paul is currently in the midst of writing his first solo album, it features some interesting collaborations, and some painfully beautiful orchestral pieces do not expect just another dance album if you do, you will be sorely disappointed.

Mr. A

With a few acclaimed productions and remixes under his belt, Mr. A's name is rapidly spreading throughout the dance music world after cutting his teeth on the house music scene in his native city of Helsinki-Finland.

The `grand father´ behind the acclaimed Danceteria Music record label and accompanying clubnights in Finland and in Tallinn, Estonia, he regularly headlines at all of his home country's major events, festivals and clubs, playing alongside everyone and anyone from Sasha to Danny Howells, from Derrick Carter to Dixon. On top of all things he also runs a bi-weekly Danceteria Radio show on Bassoradio and co- owns a bar in Helsinki (Diskobar Loop).

His sets combine everything from the odd balearic disco and boogie tracks to deep house, from trippy tech-house to rolling techno, while he cites his influences ranging from legends such as Danny Tenaglia and Larry Levan to Depeche Mode and Grace Jones. His musical vision and charisma got him voted as Finland's Number 1 DJ by City Magazine (equivalent to Time Out in the UK and elsewhere) and since then he has spread his dance music gospel across the whole of Scandinavia, U.K, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and more.

Oded Peled

I realize that my story is not so different from many others. A young boys passion for club culture starts in an amazing club, that he will always see as legendary. He won't forget the waves of energy that house music was making the crowd experience and he simply got swept away ... Soon after he buys a couple of turntables, spends hours in record shops and goes out 2 or 3 times a week.

Well, I really did all of this. But from those days until now is almost 13 years !!! And in between so much has happened. What names should I drop, for people to realize how hot I am ? Before we get to them, I would like to note that I only do it for the people that don't know me personally or have been apart of a night or two, that I have helped making memorable in some positive way. I have even wrote the name dropping in CAPITAL letters, if you are looking for a quicker read.

I heard the first DJ's that really inspired my musical style in AMSTERDAM. DIMITRI, MARCELLO, MICHEL DE HEY and 100% ISIS, played soulful techno, that tingled your heart and always offered you surprises. Styles varied and pigeon holing was far to be heard. I learned that the basis of entertaining and educating a crowd is by doing so and even-though my musical taste has evolved, I will most probably always DJ like that.

I started to get a name for myself in Helsinki by playing at underground nights. My first gig was when I was 17. I remember walking into STONEWALL and seeing a sign saying "age limit 24". Well, I already had a cute little beard so the finns didn't even think I was under aged. The next thing I clearly remember is jumping on my waterbed after getting a call from the clubs promoter about the next gig I was going to play for him. When my big brother ASAF, made his final move from Israel to Finland, we started doing our own nights in SODA. We were full of youthful and excited energy and spent most of our time in and around the clubs and the music. Things starting rolling pretty quickly and by the age of 20 I was playing all over the country and making a larger and larger amount of people smile and sometimes even jump around like lunatics.

In 1999 me and my brother thought of opening an agency, that would try to get Finnish DJ's to get more gigs abroad. We also wanted to start booking international artists to play in and around Finland and hold big events of our own. We got together by the people we felt made the scene what it is and told them the plan. And MISC MANAGEMENT was ze booorned!

We worked and worked and got more and more contacts. What started small, evolved into working with some of the worlds biggest names and a total of hundreds of bookings in Finland and to many other places. Meeting, hearing and playing with some of the artists we booked has given me the understanding I have about DJing today. Not to forget the huge amount of inspiration and drive they have given me. People like JOSH WINK, ROB DI STEFANO, GUY GERBER, DIMITRI, JOSÈ PADILLA, ROLANDO and MR C are the first to pop to my mind...

I have also teamed up with some really talented people to produce music. Some of it has been released through respected labels and remixed by some of my favorite artists, such as ORLANDO VOORN and VINCE WATSON. I haven't been there myself, but I have been told that they have been played out my some of my favorite artists, which simply put, feels great.

Traveling was something that I first did very professionally, if you could say. Travel / hotel / dinner / rest / gig / party / sleep / travel felt normal back then. But as time went by this changed and I have fell in love with the experiences traveling gives me. Combining this with DJing has gotten me to some amazing places. HONG KONG, BALI, TORONTO, TAIPEI, RUSSIA, THE BALTICS, SCANDINAVIA, AUSTRALIA and and and and and.

Milla Lehto
(Pussy eau de club)

Having been involved in the club scene for several years, Milla Lehto got bitten by the DJ bug in 2000. In the summer of 2002 she launched her own monthly club night at Ever in Helsinki. Milla has also secured a residency at the legendary Pussy Club and it's 'little sister' Moist, which is the only finnish club that is hosted solely by female resident dj's. She likes to play bottom heavy house music with a healthy dose of breakbeats and electro-esque sounds thrown in for good measure. As well as being a member of the blooming Break That House -collective, Milla spins regularly at the most famous clubs throughout the country. Having been voted for the Best Upcoming DJ of 2003 in the finnish Platinum Club Awards, she is considered to be one of the leading ladies in the Finnish clubland.


“The first encounter to club life was at the Pussy Club on legendary
Lepakko squat in helsinki 1998.
During those times the excitement kept the man on the dance floor. The
reactions on the audience and especially in me, that the DJ’s were
providing, spellbound me to start looking on the other side.

That side of I decided to save the money and buy the second hand
Turntables from a friend of mine”
From there he started the mad travels into the world of progressive house
music. The first gigs were waited with an intense excitement. That thrill
gave him the spirit to share the feelings with other people, on clubs and
on records.
During the summer 2006 musical style and belief started to evolve
to the next level. The gigs got bigger and better thru the clubs such as
Huhuu and just:Moore. Since then there has been opportunities to play
even more. Clubs like ,Jack, [reiv],Mixxed, Paradise, Pacifique, Clinic, NEO,Renegade, Goa, afterparty, Ect just to
name a few. And held a recidency at Secret Garden during 2008 club owned by Eliot Ness

Also been playing along with such names as Marco
Carola,Marco Bailey,Infected Mushroom,Marc Romboy, Randy Catana,Oliver Koleztki, Jaydee,and finish DJ´s such as Eliot Ness, Indigo, Orkidea, Mr. A, Olli S ect.

The musical style is a
blend of techno, tech house, deep house, minimal and hypnotic flavors. Always trying to get the right atmosphere to the on goin night.
“The philosophy is to make it happen on every gig and let the night become
to one of those that are never to be forgotten” 110%

Boy Jorge

My first contact (and childhood trauma) to electronic music was in the late 70's. Whenever I annoyed my big bro to the edge of madness, he lifted me up to the top of the bookshelf… lights out and robot music starts to play… from the red and black coloured album called The Man-Machine. So, I'm brainwashed to electronic music and grateful for it.

I discovered techno music in 1990 in Helsinki's Acidhouse-scene. Since then I've been playing records, for example at the legendary KY Exit Club and several warehouse parties. In the beginning of the millenium it was time to creative break... But now The Pulsating Sound Strikes Back!

I'm also one of the founding members and resident DJ of Club FADE.

My dj-sets are built in mainly monotonic, but rolling and strong techno tracks, techhouse and minimal. Tracks, which squeezes excitement, like the cosmic chase between the galaxies. I also like to add random classics to my sets, which arouse the salty taste of faded sweat from the wild years.

I'm a big fan of 70's soul, funk & disco music, futuristic/electronic pop and deephouse, but techno is something else. It's colourful state of mind and it gives you something unexplainable to just hear and feel. It feeds the energy and imagination and defines who lives inside you. - BJ

Jonny Cochran (UK): Golden Mile

The photographs in this book were made during two short visits to the extraordinary "Golden Mile", an ancient stretch of casinos, restaurants, nightclubs, promenades and amusement parks along the Great Yarmouth sea front.
A destination that has appealed to british holday makers since the mid 1700´s and once home to Vice-Admiral Horation Nelson, Yarmouth has a colourful history linked closely to it´s proximity to the sea. Today it continues to exist as a thriving holiday town during the summer months.
These photographs are intended to build a visual portrait of the Golden Mile today. They are my personal interpretation of a place. They represent the atmosphere I felt, the people I met and the things I saw. I want them to represent the appeal I found in simple and mundane, the intense color that is everywhere, the mysterious emptiness and space, the pecouliar chaos of the night and the unexpected warmth and charachter of the people.

Valentina Quintano (Copenhagen, Denmark): White Life Sentence

When a day is like any other, all days are like only one; and in perfect sameness, the longest life would be lived as it had been the shortest, and would vanish in a moment.
So called “Legge Basaglia” closed mental asylums in Italy. Not O.P.G.s. Those total institutions are not only a mental asylum but also a jail. Prisoners themselves call their state “white life-sentence” because of the indeterminateness of their punishments. Here many different kinds of people and crimes, all under the vague generic definition of “social danger”, are deteined. Here there are people that committed tough crimes, such as murder, but also ones that are charged with properties damages or irrelevant threats. So there are different types of security measures they are condemned to, inside the same structure and under the same regime.
An O.P.G. prisoner has to wait (after the 2, 5 or 10 years of the “security measure” he is assigned to – depending on the crime he committed) periodical psychiatric interviews, held by a psychiatrist and a judge, that will check out if his “social dangerousness” is gone or still present. And so they will release him or bring him back to prison, waiting for the next interview (usually 6 months later). But, to be released, an internee needs a structure, any kind of community or his family, available to take him in charge, under observation and control, for a six monthone year “experimental leave”. After this compulsory step, if all goes fine, he will be set free again. Very often (65% of people imprisoned at present time that are considered not dangerous anymore), is that when the valuation day comes without finding a structure available outside, the internee will be kept in prison also if not dangerous anymore.
There are very few residential structures and often families are the environment in which the crime was committed so is not difficult that such a story can go on and on for years but also forever.
New solutions are needed to cure those who can really be considered “social dangers” : there’s no chance a jail can turn “insanity” into “sanity”. People considered not guilty for the crime committed because of total of partial lack of awareness is considered a sick person. So he should be helped and supported. Not excluded or sedated.