Sequence presents: Assembly 2010 Raves day 2/3

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Hartwall Arena, Helsinki  
acid, breaks, drum'n'bass, elektro, hard, experimental, industrial, psy, techno, trance, house

K.Larm & J.Raninen ACID LIVE [Communiqué records]
Alek Száhala [FINRG] & Byproduct [SceneSat] LIVE
Robotic (Joyscouts / Berlin Germany) - Special Oldschool Goatrance set!
J.Raninen DJ Set
Thomas [Sequence] vs. Xybo [Seven Rec, Fleshwound Rec] DJ Set

Visuals by VJ's Droid and Pommak from MFX. Visuals for Alek Száhala & Byproduct LIVE by VJ's Sellek & Hanks.

General information about the Assembly 2010 event:


K.Larm & J.Raninen ACID LIVE [Communiqué records]

Kaj Larm aka. Cassu has been making electronic music since the golden C-64- and Amiga-times. The trackers of the early years have since been changed to real hardware synths, although the old computers are still sometimes used in the music creation. Along the years, K.Larm has been a part of several music projects (Happosieni project, The E.C. Connection, Skinny Hippies etc.), and as the latest, K.Larm & J.Raninen project, which has published tracks under the american Communiqué records.

Jouni Raninen has mostly made music in the Healium-project, which has been publishing acid music since 1999 on Skeletor records and the dutch Djax up-beats. J.Raninen has also made some solo tracks under the name Acidizer for Communiqué records and Noise Network labels. J.Raninen also plays occasional DJ sets, mainly late 90's and early 2000's techno.

K.Larm & J.Raninen project originates from nearly ten years ago, when Skeletor records label manager Kalle Karvanen introduced K.Larm and Healium to each other. After a few years of studio jam sessions and general fun with music, the decision was made to start publishing tracks and the love for the old TB-303 has ensured, that quality acid tracks have been created ever since.


Alek Száhala [FINRG] & Byproduct [SceneSat] LIVE

Alek Száhala is one of the most successful Finnish hard dance producers. He started off with trackers as early as 1993, and has since produced numerous vinyl, CD and digital releases. His music has gained international recogniton as well, leading him to play in events such as Utopia (Sydney), Mayhem (Brisbane), Logic (London), Pharmacy (Melbourne) and Koneisto (Helsinki).

Byproduct is a one-man musical act that takes its roots from computer games and demos and combines them with the elements of contemporary electronic music. In addition to his two albums, he has produced music for various projects and performed live in many kinds of electronic music, demoscene and other events, actively since 2004.

At Assembly 2010, Alek Száhala and Byproduct will play a special live set together, including many remixes of game, demo and tracker songs in additon to their own music.

Visuals for Alek Száhala & Byproduct LIVE by VJ's Sellek & Hanks.


Robotic (Joyscouts / Berlin Germany) - Special Oldschool Goatrance set!

Tuned into sci-fi, cutting-edge electronic beats of all sorts, preferably those incorporating some melodic components and proper low-frequency heaviness! current studio efforts focussed on concocting dubstep riddims and techno styles. dj sets specializing in the finest unreleased dubstep selections and techno/trance/acid crossover sounds. co-promoter, co-booker and resident dj @ the now-irregular freak camp session dubstep parties in berlin with freak camp crew and more bass than yo momma! also currently involved in doing a&r/talent-hunting for vinyl&digital label paradise lost recordings and upcoming imprint tsunami audio.

Born in Berlin, transplanted to the WestCoast, USA at an early age. Gaming and other nerd-ery led to making computer-based (demo) music in the early 90s using tracker software. Started DJing Goa, Trance and Techno in the mid-90s, playing/making parties and outdoor gatherings in the Pacific NW. Got into DrumnBass during the 97 TechStep era, fused interests with Bassline NuSkool Breaks by 2001. Progressive and Electro House influences were incorporated by 2003. The year 2005 introduced Dubstep and brought a momentous relocation back to Berlin. Full cycle..

At Assembly 2010 Raves Robotic will play a special oldschool goatrance set! Make sure to check out his "Full Moon Spectacle" mixtape from:


J.Raninen DJ Set

J.Raninen from K.Larm & J.Raninen LIVE will also play a separate DJ set of techno!

Thomas [Sequence]

Thomas has been playing records for over 10 years. His style is usually old trance, and at Assembly 2010 he will play many golden tracks from the past years together with Xybo.

Xybo [Seven Rec, Fleshwound Rec]

xybo is mostly known for his passion for Roland drummachine/synthetisizer based music. This time is no exception. Supersaw oscillator from the Roland JP 80x0 can be considered one of the cornerstones of 97'-01' melodic trance (we like to call it kiksu). Back 2 back DJ set with Thomas will have lot of it.

Visuals by VJ's Droid and Pommak from MFX.

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