Sequence presents: Assembly 2010 Raves day 1/3

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Hartwall Arena, Helsinki  
acid, breaks, drum'n'bass, elektro, hard, experimental, industrial, psy, techno, trance, house

Proteus []
Orion [Misc Management, YleX, NRJ,]
Glxblt [Sequence]
Pasik [Sequence]

Visuals by VJ's Droid and Pommak from MFX.

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Proteus []

Proteus has gained the respect to be called Finland's most known Hard Dance DJ and has become one of the key players of the global hard dance scene. Proteus has been DJ'ing for 12 years and producing music about 7 years. Proteus and his friends have been the key figures in creating the harder dance scene in Finland. Proteus belongs to the famous Finnish artist and label collective FINRG.

The biggest achievement for Proteus so far has been the Hard Dance Awards 2004 and 2005, where he was voted "Best Hard Dance DJ" in the world two years in the row by clubbers all around the globe. In the DJ Mag`s Top 100 DJ list, Proteus has been voted number 90 in 2004 and number 93 in 2005 and made history in becoming the first Finnish artist making it to the Top 100 DJ list alongside Darude.

In his career so far Proteus has toured in Finland, United Kingdom, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, Estonia, Australia and Japan. Proteus has played and headlined most of the major events in Europe and Australia like Dance Valley, God's Kitchen's Global Gathering, Creamfields, Impulz Outdoor and Impulz Inside, Defcon 1, Streetparade Zurich, Energy, Ground Zero, Sonic, Transmission Sydney, Frantic Hardhouse Academy at Brixton Academy, Utopia/God Speed, Winter Enchanted, Bulldogbash, Slammin Vinyl's Sanctuary and NYE @ NEC and Tranzmission at Alexandra Palace, Logic, Pharmacy, Lab-4's Laboratory Experiment 2, Torture Garden, Antiworld, Wildchild, Tidy Weekender and Tidy Summer Camp, Goodgreef, Slinky, Polysexual, Storm, Tunnel Hamburg, Laserpoint and Koneisto to name few.

Proteus and his friends are also running their own clubnight called Sade in Helsinki, Finland. They have organized many very successful club nights and events in a period of over 9 years. Sade was voted as The Best Club in Finland in the Finnish Club Awards 2003. They have also organized private/underground industrial/fetish parties in Helsinki called Inferno and Tuska in 2000-2001 and Hellfire Club in 2004.

Proteus also runs his own radio show called Dark Side at Finnish major radio station Basso Radio. Show is based on introducing all genres of darker music from goth to speedcore.

After Assembly 2010 Raves Proteus goes to play at Dance Valley Festival, one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world!

Orion [Misc Management, YleX, NRJ]

Starting in the early nineties from the warehouse raves of the industrial city of Tampere, stirring the Northern Finland electronic music scene for over five years and settling down in Helsinki in 2006, Orion is today one of the busiest DJs in Finland.

Orion hosts a monthly electronic music radio show on both YleX, the National Radio 1 and Radio NRJ Finland and is also one of the former hosts of Tiistain Tanssi-ilta, the oldest EDM radio show in Finland. Next to his work at Misc. Management, the first Finnish dance music oriented DJ booking agency, he also runs and co-produces the long-lived Jack club in Helsinki and holds a residency in Tampere-based club One.

Glxblt [Sequence]

Being brought up in a family deeply involved with music, Ville Rastas a.k.a "Glxblt" spent most of his childhood happily bashing both the keys of his piano and his computer. However, as the young musician/geek reached his puberty, things went horribly wrong. Despite the classical training and responsible parenting, Glxblt developed an interest for electronic music which later on evolved into full-blown love for techno and especially drum'n'bass. Finding like-minded people in a small Finnish city was practically impossible, but eventually it happened and Glxblt made the first contact within the neighbouring town's rave scene and coincidentally, the demoscene.

Since then the young junglist has honed his skills in producing and DJ'ing, focusing on the darkest, techiest newschool drum'n'bass you can find without forgetting about the rolling, danceable beats that define the genre. Filling in the demand for harder, heavier drum'n'bass, Glxblt is a bundle of big things just waiting to happen.

Pasik [Sequence]

Pasik is one of the founders of Sequence Ry, a non-profit organization for promoting electronic dance music and arranging raves and clubs mostly in eastern parts of Finland. Sequence has arranged Assembly Raves during the last 4 years.

Pasik also has a background in the demoscene. He got interested of the scene in 1992, visited his first demoparty in 1995 and started arranging Simulaatio demoparty in Finland in 2003 with his friends.

Pasik first fell in love with trance music in 1995, when a lot of melodic goatrance was procuced and released. Later he bought his own decks, started collecting records and eventually played his first DJ gig in 2004.

Pasik plays psychedelic trance in its many forms. Oldschool melodic goa trance, full-on psychedelic trance or easier progressive psytrance, focusing on strong melodies and energy for the dancefloor.

Visuals by VJ's Droid and Pommak from MFX.

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