MINDCORE presents: Leo Laker's 30th B-DAY

  From until   Tickets 10€   Age limit: 18  
Helsinki Club, Helsinki  
hard, industrial, techno

International artists:

Frank Kvitta (Kne'Deep, Enhanced Music, DE)
DaY-Mar (Masters Of Hardcore, NL)
Devillien (Hardcore Hooligans, Industrial Shock, NL)

Domestic support:

Leo Laker (Datablender, Trivial Bookings)
Criss (Mindcore)
Sasha F (Tillt Records)
Urim (Kolina Produktio)
Mange (Terrorcraft)
Skitzofrenik (Mindcore)
The Large (Mindcore)
Matzart (Distortion)
Z-Force (Mindcore)
Nikiki (Distortion)
Petri Prkl (Tasala Illstars)
Input C & Gohai (Terrorcraft)

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Ennakot: 10€+bf
Ovelta: 15€

Frank Kvitta (Kne'Deep, Enhanced Music, DE)


Hard blasting techno at 150-158 BPM on 3 or even 4 decks: THAT´S FRANK KVITTA. He knows how to rock his crowds and has already had bookings all over the world, including clubs like sulivan room in new york, tunnel in linz, u60311 in frankfurt, k4 in slovenia, suburbia in italy, tor 3 in düsseldorf and many many more. He is also very succelssful as a producer, having released and releases planed on labels like lifeform, artillery, carnage, bitshift, schubfaktor, crowbar, combat skill, highball, free vision, audio aussault, kne´deep rec., pattern rec., inflicted rec., friendly fire rec., insane rec., bullshit rec., kvitta rec., abstract rec. and many more... Furthermore he and viperxxl started their own label "insane records". He started also a new label with ben santo called "bullshit records". Frank started as a dj 1997 when he found a tape with electronic music. He liked this kind of music and decided to buy records and started with some friends to dj. 2000 frank started to play at small partys around germany. 2001 was the year when he decided to produce his own tracks. He doesn´t wanted to be longer just a dj. When frank gave dj rush 2001 a demo cd of his own tracks, rush gave him the chance to release on his label kne´deep rec. 2002 he released his first remix on a technolabel in germany. Frank´s style started to get harder and more agressive. More releases where coming 2003. That was the year where all started. He became his first gigs outside germany. In 2003 he became a member of the abstract agency, and has enjoyed many gigs with his colleagues mario ranieri, viperxxl, dj amok, sven wittekind, andreas kremer, arkus p., o.b.i., dj mahatma, chris noise, robert natus, dj rush, dj bold, misa salacova, marco nastic, umek, dj agent, kaoz, patrick dsp and many more. 2003 and 2004 frank had his first radio gigs on sunshine live radio in germany. This year he also released a mix compilation together with viperxxl named "Schranz Total 7.0". Upcoming releases together with pet duo, torsten kanzler and many more are planed. Frank has earned his place among the big names of the "Hardtechno Generation". Since 2005 frank kvitta is signed exclusively by dj rush´s family and agency kne´deep berlin. from now on he is traveling around the whole world. To name the stops: belgium, slovenia, bulgaria, croatia, netherlands, spain, italy, germany, mexico, new york, venezuela, luxemburg, austria, swiss, portugal, malta, brazil, poland, czech republic, slovakia, hungary, greece and many more. He played also on big events like awakenings, awakenings festival, dance valley, creamfields, time warp, aquaseilla, montagood, meet me, teqnology and many more.


DaY-Mar (Masters Of Hardcore, NL)


When DaY-mar was 14 years old, she started listening to a lot of music. She liked lots of different styles, but especially dance-music, the styles that had a hard bass. When she turned 16 she also started visiting a lot of party's and she enjoyed watching the DJ's while they were spinning their records very much. DaY-mar never could have guessed that she would be doing the same thing some years later… In march 2003 she met some people that quickly became real good friends. When she was invited to their house for the first time she immediately saw they had installed turntables and a mixer in the livingroom. About 6 months later she decided to give it a try herself. After practicing a lot she decided she wanted to buy her own turntables and mixer. 5 months of practicing and buying a lot of records later, somebody asked her if she would like to play for her first audience in a talentroom at a party in Leeuwarden. After this first appearance she started buying more and more records that were rougher and faster then the records she started out with. In the year 2004, people asked her to perform at more party's which she really enjoyed. She noticed that her interests for the rougher and more up-tempo records thad grown even more.

In February 2005 MOH bookings contacted DaY-mar. They asked if she was interested to be affiliated with the bookings agency of Masters of Hardcore, and if she would like to perform at the next Masters of Hardcore party in the Thialf Stadium in Heerenveen. DaY-mar didn’t hesitated. She had never been so nervous to perform for an audience! That night (April 23rd 2005) she performed for 15.000 people and she will never forget that night, it was magnificent! After that performance she had the privilege to play at a lot of party's like Nature One, Hellraiser, Dominator, Titans and Decibel. After being contracted by the bookingsagency she started to work in the studio which resulted in her first tracks: “Hear DaY-már whistle”, “Fucking Motherfucking Slit”, “Time Is On My Side”, “Bedtime Story” and the Masters of Hardcore 2006 Anthem MOH050 (Vinyl) “Fucking Motherfuckin Slit”. There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more from DJ DaY-mar!


Devillien (Hardcore Hooligans, Industrial Shock, NL)


Rob Hes (alias Devillien) was infected by the hardcore sound back in 1993. In 1997 he bought his first turntables and soon started mixing his first records in a ‘teach it yourself’ kind of way. He learned quickly by mastering various techniques displayed by his favourite DJ’s.
In 2002 he started organising local parties together with a friend. This gave him the needed experience and contacts to get his career going. After a while he started focusing on various turntable tricks from the Hip Hop scene and also took some special turntablism lessons.

In 2005 he decided to compete in the Hellbound DJ contest, which he won and allowed him to play at 2 Hellbound parties. A year later he won the Q-Factor DJ contest organised by Q-Dance. This resulted in a contract at Q-Bookings and some major gigs on parties and festivals like Q-Base, In-Qontrol, Project Hardcore, Defqon-1 and also abroad in Germany and Finland.

Next to spinning the good old vinyl, he has been developing his producing skills. Starting off with Fasttracker 2, he quickly got himself a nice studio which resulted in his first release in 2007; Industrial Shock #02: Devillien – Agonized Minds. At the start of the new year, 2008, he started his own recordabel: Devillien.dj. On this label he will release his own tracks together with skipless scratch tools, which will be guided by free scratch lessons supplied to you on this website.


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