Spiritual Mayhem

  From until   Tickets 8€   Age limit: 18  
Kuusisaari, Oulu  
chill, hard, psy, jotain

J7 aka Indira (Triopsy, Supercharged, Finrg)
Puistokemisti (Equinox)
Psydog (Alienation, Raveisland)
MZA (Potku)
Nextace (Alienation)
Ekliptika (Raveisland)


Visuals by: Weirdvibes (Innowation, Kompressori)

J7 aka Indira
J7 is a member of Harder.fi and recident-dj at the 'Club Supercharged' and psytrance-club 'Triopsy'. She is also one of the top names of FINRG Hellfire army and she´s been performed alongside top names of the industry. She has started her dj-career with freefrom, happy hardcore and hard dance, but nowadays she plays aswell psychedelic trance (full-on, twilight and darkpsy). Jenni´s live performance has a strong sense of energy and her enjoyment of the music, which she wants to share to her audience. She has also started to produce her own music.

The final blow came when that same friend took him in to a local rave party in 1999, it had began. It was nearing the end of year 2002 when he experienced something that changed everything, that experience made him to want to become a dj. In 2007 he got a chance to play his first gig in a foreing country, at Goa, India, to be precise. The feedback was something else, not in a thousand years could have he anticipate such a huge positive reaction. Going nuts is mild term.