Robodisco: ACID KINGS live!

  From until   Tickets 5€  
Golden Apple, Lappeenranta  
acid, house, techno

Acid Kings live, Opa (Entropy), Onneni Kumara (Horros), Pepeto (Robodisco)


They are the men without a past, perpetually stuck in 1989...

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The Kings are a true hardboiled oldschool acid/techno trio coming from the grey backyards of Helsinki eastside ghettoes. The Acid Kings' amazing 303 skills & tricks have had devastating effects on dancefloors due their smash releases on Sähkö, Keys of Life and F-Comm labels and their outrageous banging live acts for select audiences in underground events all over the world - from Turku to Riga, Berlin to Osaka, Helsinki to New York, Rotterdam to Montreal.

:: DJ's
Opa (Entropy)
Onneni Kumara (Horros)
Pepeto (Robodisco)

:: Aika: lauantai 10.4.2010, klo 22:00 - 04:00
:: Paikka: Golden Apple, Lappeenranta
:: Hinta: 5 €
:: K-18