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house, trance

Ronald van Gelderen
Paul Sparkes


Ronald van Gelderen
(Ministry of Sound, Trance Energy / Holland)

Playing all around the world make's this 'Dirty Rocker' one of the established DJ's of this moment. Countries like UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, Tunisia, Germany, Poland, Israel, Canada, Spain, USA and many more are already known with this professional rock entertainer. Ronald van Gelderen is a standout DJ/ producer in every respect. He's signed to the High Contrast label of Be Yourself Music in Holland where he released massive singles and remixes of late such as the anthems 'Realize', 'This Way', 'Dirty Rocker', 'Embrace Me' and his latest hit 'Rush'. Add this in-demand sound to RvG's distinctive Rock and Raw image, commanding stage presence and crowd hyping DJ sets, and the Ronald van Gelderen package is complete… he is here to keep you Rocking!

As a DJ, Ronald van Gelderen is stamping his mark on global club land, slamming big European festivals like Trance Energy, Mystery Land, Dance Valley, Free Festival, Pleasure Island, Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, Dancetination and Sunrise and touring as far as China, Australia, USA and Canada in recent months. Leading promoters are also fast taking to the RvG-sound and style; with bookings at the biggest clubs around the globe his DJ diary is fully booked every weekend.

As a producer, Ronald van Gelderen is very much cutting out his own sound in the global market place. His style is electro, tech, rock and trance all rolled into one phat soundtrack. But best of all is that as well as tweaking the studio controls, RvG also writes and performs all the vocals himself - he's even performing with exclusive LIVE sets.

Since '97 RvG first left his mark as a producer under the famous Kid Vicious alter ego. He released the massive club hits 'Re-Form', 'Pants Down Spanking' and 'Contagious' and went onto co-produce with Tiësto, penning 'Urban Train' and 'Suburban Train' before finally getting behind his own name, releasing the big hits ‘Proceed’ and 'Sustain' on Tsunami, 'Cold Storage' on ID and T and remixing 'Carte Blanche' on Positiva and Dogzilla 'Without You' on Nebula to huge critical acclaim in recent years. Ronald now appears to have found his groove at the High Contrast label of Be Yourself Music and where he just scored four big hits in a row; 'F!lth', 'This Way', 'Realize' and 'Dirty Rocker'.

RvG's fast filthy remix skills are praised again! The remix which he delivered for the huge club track 'Prime of Life' of Dennis Sheperd and Cold Blue, has been announced to be the biggest floor filler of this summer. Also he reproduced a 2008 version of his coproduction with Tiësto 'Urban Train', which received a huge delivery on the dance floors.

RvG's track 'Embrace Me' (released on 7th of July) was a unique production with the typical RvG deadly catchy vocal, but again with a different message. The vocals of the man himself where based on an autobiographical song text, which he wrote for his father (who passed away in 2004). M7/M8 Magazine UK already reviewed Embrace Me as 'bigger than Pamela Anderson's Breasts'.

His latest bomb 'Rush' will be released on December 23rd. 'Rush' is a euphoric big room banger with the typical RvG sound, how we have ever met him in the first place. Driving beats, nasty synths and an exploding drive is what keeps us awake!

Paul Sparkes
(Mainline Music / Holland)

Acclaimed producer and highly demanded DJ, Paul Sparkes has headlined all the top clubs in the Netherlands and worldwide for over ten years. He is main resident DJ of Floorplay, a monthly night at the glamorous Club NL in Amsterdam. He is also plays at music conferences, festivals, fashion shows and numerous beach parties. He mixed the 11 Years Of Silver Planet mix album in 2008, and has signed his recent Landguard track to Ferry Corsten's Aleph Records. The track is enjoying support from all the top jocks including Desyn Masiello, 16Bit Lolitas, Hernan Cattaneo, Lucien Foort and many more. Paul's new tracks, The Weekender and Waveheat are scheduled for release on the same label shortly.

His weekly 365LiveRadio Friday night show is syndicated across the world by ID&T's Dance Tunes. The show has featured live mixes and exclusive interviews with the top DJs and producers including Sander Kleinenberg, Danny Howells, Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Booka Shade, Darren Emerson and many more.

Internationally, Paul has played all over the USA, Israel, Sweden, Germany, Dubai and his native UK. He has rocked tours of Northern America from Connecticut to Cayman Islands, New Haven to New York, and Boston, Seattle, LA, Portland and Tampa in between. Unforgettable clubnights in Tel Aviv, wild beach party in Egypt (in 40 degree heat), reputable music conferences such London Calling, Stockholm Electronica and Amsterdam Dance Event, boat parties in Dublin, a dingy back street club in Edinburgh, sell-out gigs in Honululu during Mardi Gras, DJing barefoot on the sand in Grand Cayman, headlining large festivals in Holland including Rockit Festival with Sasha, and many more experiences - watch out for more in 2010!

(Conspiracy Recordings, l i Q u i d)

Uplifting sounds, energetic rhythms, good feeling, and unforgettable experiences - That all is about Beliar, experienced and fascinating trance DJ from Finland. Beliar has started to spin records in beging of 90's and during these wonderful years he has developed his own style and sound.

Besides that Beliar is a Dj and promoter of his own club called liQuid, he is also very
talented producer. Beliar's made trance music has got a support from the world current leading trance Djs like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and many many more. Beliar has remixed grand masters of the trance music like Paul van Dyk and Sean Tyas just bringing up a few.

His sound blends different flavours of uplifting trance: from aggressivest scorchers
through to most beauty melodic floaters. You'll find driving, kicking basslines throughout his sets and productions.

(NorthernPalz, l i Q u i d)

This man is a House Lover from start to end. He grew up listening lots of music (disco and black music mostly), because his father used to travel alot and always bought music home from his trips. One day some of those cassettes and vinyls had music from artists such Coldcut, KLF, Innercity and Marshall Jefferson to name few. Markus was captured with that kind of music in a second. He was a 12 year old and his passion for music started growing. Housemusic was the thing that really captured this little fellow's attention though he might not have known what it was called back then.

After that, all kinds from deep and funky to speedgarage was popping into his record collection. 1993 at the age 14 he started playing records at the local youth disco and later on that year his best friend bought a pair of decks. Next 2 years went on practising dj skills everynight and at the same time Markus and his mates were arraging illegal partys in their home town! As a result of those partys he got first real gig in a club. This was at age of seventeen! Year 1998 he got slot to play in afterparty in a club called Pussy Club (Helsinki) and that's where it all really started.

During that time he was using the name Dj Maas and his sound and style was little bit faster and on the harder edge. Dj:ing took him to many different citys and to many different clubs, partys and raves in his home country. He was also co-promoting and had a residency in a club called Hooverdamn! A club which had a tribute track made by British jock called Chris C from Mohawk Rec. However, somewhere during 2001 that sound wasn't evolving in the way that Markus wanted . A new and intresting sound was called wet'n'hard which was made famous at that time by artist such Timo Maas, Corvin Dalek, Oliver Klein to name drop a few. It was a mix of progressive-, tech- and deephouse. Also his name changed to Markus S. During the same year, his residency at Dive started and that lasted till year 2003 when club was closed.

During those years Markus met Joonas Hahmo who ended up to make a theme song for Dive. At this time Markus was heading musically back to the funkier form of house, which he had always carried in his heart. He started playing at Cafe Europa's Club Attic, monthly every wednesday and then later on every third friday.When it comes to making music, Markus had made some tracks just for own fun before and had done bootlegs to be used for own dj sets. It was early winter 2004 when Markus and Joonas ended up working in the studio together. Little bit later Northern Palz was born. Under that name they have made some banging remixes and also produced two tracks for one of the leading artist in Finland. Currently Markus is playing around 6-8 gigs in a month and spendig time in the studio to come up with gems to be reveald to the world. As a dj he is waiting for a chance to open his recordbag for the people on the dancefloor everywhere!


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