Spiritual Mayhem - The Alienation vol. 4

  From until   Age limit: 18  
Kuusisaari, Oulu  
trance, psy

Shishya (SunStation records)
Psydog (PUG, Alienation)
NextAce (Alienation)
Trancepunk (PUG, BassExpress) Psy-set




Shishya-(Tibetan for student aka Chela) is Christian Sjöholm, A native of Finland currently residing in the forests of Helsinki.

Travelling for ten years, collecting sounds,impressions and mystical experiences from around the world. A believer in deep,hypnotic psy-progressive tribal trance.
Being bit by the tribal-beat at a raindance which he witnessed in the Native American reservation of Taos Pueblo New Mexico as a young boy at 9. Witnessing the underground trance events and forestgatherings again in 2000 he automatically connected the dots of the ancient tribal culture with the strong vibrant flow of the neotrance culture flourishing during the turn of the millenium.
He experienced that this was a sonic download, an ancient code coming from the stars and evolving mankind forward.
Intelligent life taking contact with man channeling music in a language far more evolved than speech. A shift occured and a journey began taking him across the globe...

As a performer he has played at hundreds of parties ,clubs,gatherings and festivals in Sweden,Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, India, Nepal during the last decade.
In 2007 he was asked to join the evergrowing SunSation family in spreading their take on deep,mystical and uplifting psy-progressive sounds. He prefers acidic and crunchy rythyms, wobbly, morphing basslines laced in delicate and discreet melodies that can best be described as growling thunderous morning music for the first rays of light. Always wanting to elevate the crowd higher and expand the collective experience with a distinct positive twist and ritualistic attitude while firmly maintaing the sense of humour that can be found in those that have no fear of what lyes beyond this life. To lose perception of time and grasp infinity, thats the name of the game.

He also performs as dj DubYeti focusing on slower chunkier and progressive tech-ryhthms that paint lush pictures of future culture and harmonious neo-tribal communication.
He is a founder of the organisations Synchro and Organigato aswell as being interconnected with the core of Finnish underground organisers. As a visual artist he has provided visionary landscapes through his alias Synchronometrica that encompasses graphic design, video art and backdrops. Firm believer in the ideals of the global village, the unified field theory and permaculture humanity.

Decorations by: Syncronometrica
Visuals by: Weirdvibes (Innowation, Kompressori)
Postergraphic by: Caos Conzept (http://www.caos-conzept.de/)

0200 - Shishya (fullon, psy, dark)
0100 - Psydog (twilight, psy)
0000 - Trancepunk (goa, psy)
2200 - Nextace (progressive, psy)

0030 - _Guest_
2300 - Psydog