Goa presents: Radioactive Cake and Zeitgeist (BERLIN) + PsyBrea

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breaks, elektro, house, psy, techno, trance, jotain

Radioactive Cake (BERLIN, Arkona Creation) [live]
Zeitgeist (BERLIN, Glitchy Tonic) [live]
Serotonot (aka Poliisi aka Paul Easy) [live]

Mark Nomen (Kiwa)
Will Breaks (Wider Visions)
Indigo (Sininen)
Genki (Exogenic)
Jagu (Entropy)
Zenitah (aka Mamooshka, Wider Visions)
Shishya (Synchro)

Price: 8eur presale (Cybershop Asematunneli), 10eur from door

Decorations by Synchronometrica
Visuals by Synchronogato

Room 1 with progressive/minimal --> full-on, Room 2 is maybe Finlands first dedicated psybreaks/electro party ;)

Radioactive Cake is very deep and psychedelic progressive psy, something like the style of Sensient. Zeitgeist sounds almost like minimal techno, but is quite experimental. Anyway both projects are very unique sound, something you will not hear in Finland very often!


You can listen to the music of the artists in Myspace below:

Radioactive Cake:


Mark Nomen (aka Markku Louhio of Kiwa):

Serotonot (aka DJ Poliisi):

Will Breaks (aka Crystal Cris):



Zenitah (aka Mamooshka)

Radioactive.Cake, real name Robert Hundt, is a Berlin based producer of intelligent psygressive trance music with a touch of wilderness, dark fx and a carrot...from outer space! He produces a more minimal and darker form of progressive psytrance. The Cake's intention is to surpass boundaries and establish a sound that is different from what is heard all too often.

His first musical steps were taken in 1999 when discovering the software "Audiomulch" and learning about structure and composition of electronic sounds, effects and track arrangements. But the Cake's knowledge and studio equipment took a continual advancement and will continue to do so. Robert is not only producing music, he also plays livesets and mixes music as dj, and has done so for over 8 years now.

Zeitgeist is a sideproject of Berlin based producer Radioactive.Cake (aka Robert Hundt). While exploring the minimal world of techno and trance music he began to create a very own way of playing with several styles and melting them. Hope you guys have fun with the results =)

A bit of promotion texts for some of the finnish projects or DJs.

Mark Nomen is Markku of Kiwa, Highpersonic Whomen and Headphonics (Exogenic). He will play a rare DJ-set, which you don't hear too often ;)

Serotonot is a psytrance live project of DJ Poliisi, nowadays more often seen as DJ Paul Easy (Clinic, Afterhours), even known as one half of Easy Coma. He should really need no introduction as most of the people know him already :). But for those that haven't heard the Serotonot psytrance project, here is some preview clips:


Indigo, who is definitely one of the best electronic music DJs in Finland, should also need no introduction. Indigo will play a full-on psytrance set in this party.

Jagu is long term members of Entropy. Usually he plays breaks and electro. He got 5th position in Klubitus awards a few years ago, so a lot of people know that he plays good music ;)

Planned Timetable (suunniteltu aikataulu):

Room 1
22.00 - 22.45 Shishya
22.45 - 00.00 ZEITGEIST Live
00.00 - 01.15 RADIOACTIVE CAKE Live
01.15 - 02.30 Indigo
02.30 - 03.30 Serotonot Live

Room 2
22.00 - 23.00 Zenitah
23.00 - 00.00 Jagu
00.00 - 01.15 Mark Nomen
01.15 - 02.15 Will Breaks
02.15 - 03.30 Genki