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DTM, Helsinki  
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DANCETERIA 02.04.2010 @ DTM


DATE: FRIDAY 02.04.2010
TIME: 22-04
AGE: 21

Tim Sheridan has been loosely involved in music his whole life.

Starting as a kid with classical music and while being generally bone idle he excelled in mediocrity at Violin, French Horn and Double Bass. He gave up the Horn as when in it's case it resembles a toilet and one enterprising schoolkid left a 'gift' on there on day and he never touched it again. Which is just as well because it was jolly difficult to play. He moved to Orchestral Percussion (which involved doing nothing for 148 bars... then very little... then nothing for 682 bars... he's good at counting while wearing a tuxedo). However he was saved by a move to the drumkit and has got away with being a nerd ever since. He worked in Leed's main recording and rehearsal studio in the 80's when it was the centre of The Goth phenomena for 5 minutes, although he maintains he was a late starting Punk although photographic evidence requires scientific equipment to tell the difference.

The Utah Saints, then an experimental elecronic group and rave promoters, gave Tim his first break by awarding him the prize for "most comical dancer" at one of their early events. Although Tim wasn't trying to be funny he took the prize anyway. This led to a life-long friendship and after being mentioned in The KLF's book "The Manual" they were all inspired to have a pop at Pop and take the piss a bit. Sadly while they were poncing around thinking they were the KLF everyone else thought they were twats. It's a fine line.

Although the experience with the Major Labels was a financial disaster, strangely Tim was allowed to direct Pop promos and was the first director ever to utilise 'Motion Capture' in an animated promo and was sought after as a director. Something he managed to avoid somehow as he was told about the seeking but resolutely remained unfound. His fictional Pop band "Dope Smugglaz" were originally cartoon creations several years before 'Gorillaz'. But some decades after 'Alvin and The Chipmunks'.

Like all embarrassing crap bios force-written about themselves, Tim has been bullied into telling you he is ace at other stuff but draws the line at telling you what. His party trick is making all the girls disappear.

With his highly credible background of Pop cartoons and annoying chart 'success', Tim was bizarrely still in demand as a DJ and has been the main resident for some of the world's biggest clubs.

Something he gave up after the discovery that they were actually businesses and not parties. At this point, being a slow learner, he realised commercialism is the enemy of art.

So that's being a functioning member of society fucked then.

Around the Millennium the industry took a turn for the worse and Tim saw this and the Iraq War as a perfect opportunity to run away and hide. Choosing Ibiza as a base rather then the cupboard under his Mum's stairs (first choice, occupied) Tim was mistaken for somebody cool by the european community and has kept them in the dark ever since. He is still proudly considered a waste of space in the UK though, the english having long memories and griping being the national pastime he is semi-living proof that it is "better to be talked about than not at all" being absolute bollocks.

Work for charity blah blah, free parties in Ibiza etc etc. Online protests against war etc etc, turning wine into water Blah blah. My fingers are tired now and would a grown up please write a bio for me?

Actually something he is actually proud of is for a short window of 2 years Tim ran Kiss FM in the North of England and it was so good it got aggressively taken over by a big network. He lost everything and they changed the locks. And the playlist. But it was good for a bit.

He'd probably be good on the Radio again but it would be a bit like giving a trigger happy veteran a gun and a church tower.

Tim's made records, played records and burned the candle at so many ends he looks like a wrinkled flaming swastika. He has arthritis and a dog and likes nothing more than the complete absence of human beings unless they are very nice and polite. He is wealth resistant to 100 meters but rich in so few other ways. Like still having hair.

He lives in a hut in Ibiza and grows beards at competition level for fun. If you meet him come say hello, he won't bite. But he may gnaw a little.

Stuff Tim has done:

Made records.
Been an old fashioned Producer
Is now a new fashioned Producer (i.e gets the engineer to do all the work)
Been on TV a bit.
Been an MD (musical director)
Writes for Newspapers, magazines and the net and has never been paid for it. Except Jockey Slut. Who pitied him.
Promotes parties, raves, odd one off events.
Started a record label exactly when everyone stopped paying for music (earning him the nickname 'the Betamax kid') Mostly been a DJ for 24 years. Played at pretty much every club but his favourite places in no particular order are ;

Back to Basics
Be Yourself
and anywhere weird and unusual that isn't a club.

Lately Tim prefers to play back to back with Friends and those have included Smokin' Jo, Mr C, DJ T, Jon Carter, Alfredo, Danny Tenaglia, Mike Monday and many more....