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Bar Loop, Helsinki  
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Science @ Bar Loop 17.9.2009
jungle is massif innit


It's that time of month again! Every 3rd thursday of the month it's time for some Science. This time the music will be less serious than usual, as it's time for teh Jungle special.

Our guest for this month is the mighty DON SELECTA MEKAANIKKO!

Mekaanikko started his dj career at the tender age of 15 back in 1994. Starting first with house and techno he soon moved to jungle and other more interesting riddims. In 1995 he started the legendary Teknocafé club at Oranssi and later was involved with the Kosmonaut Rekords recordstore in late 90's. The shop was first concentrating on importing drum'n'bass records to Helsinki, but eventually the selection became more ecletic and began to cover more genres, and so did Mekaanikko's personal taste and selection.
Mekaanikko has been also part of the Bassoradio roster since the early online days, and he's now known for playing pretty much everything. Like a true junglist, the poor bastard spends way too much time and money on records, although they cover also genres like techno, suomi-iskelmä, indie and black metal. The music thing has also allowed him to play in exotic places like Sodankylä and Monaco, and boring places like Berlin.

At Science Mekaanikko will give us an interesting lecture of the state of raggajungle, UK Hardcore and oldschool jungle back in the day, with maybe some examples of modern breakcore in the same spirit as well. Fuck knows, really.

Besides our guest, we also have the resident guys Trisector, Vvr and Axu behind the wheels of steel. Everyone who's been there pretty much knows the drill. We just drop some fat beats and go crazy.

Bar Loop - Fredrikinkatu 42

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