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Kåren, Turku  
breaks, drum'n'bass, elektro, garage, house, techno, trance,

K90 ( HDA Best live act 2008 - UK )
Jordan Suckley ( Gatecrasher, Godskitchen - UK )
Infekto ( Bomfunk MC's, Renegade - FIN )
Milla Lehto ( Pussy Eau de club - FIN )
Sergei Shkuroff ( Madwave, FINRG Agency - FIN )
Sasha F ( Millennium - FIN )
Jussi Soro ( Choon! Enhanced - FIN )
Ilja Soloviev ( Timeline music - RUS )
Zoom ( Madwave on air - FIN )
Lank ( Diiva UG - FIN )
Vertigo ( Diiva UG - FIN )
Defa ( Pinky - FIN )
Redic ( Luna - FIN)
Pavel Ståhl ( Disbalance - FIN)
Nenna ( salo UG - FIN )
San Mejor ( Madwave - FIN )
Baikonur ( Luna - FIN)
Niska ( salo UG - FIN )
Reb ( salo UG - FIN )
Tommy Ässä ( Cloud9 - FIN )
Atom ( Future Floorfiller - FIN )
Yoni K ( Sideffect - FIN )
Tiger ( Disbalance - FIN )

... 27th September is the day we all have been waiting for. That is the
date when all sorrows will be forgotten and people will unite as one for
yet another unique clubbing experience - L U N A night. That is the day
then all experienced Lunatics and fresh excited electronic music addicts
will feel the magic of Z-vibe, trademark L U N A atmosphere. That will be
the Z-day!

After several successful intimate underground events, L U N A team is
ready to bring the bash to the whole new level! This time we are giving
you one of the most legendary venues in Finnish clubbing culture, good
old Kåren. Large capacity, extra PA and light installations on 4
different floors, several international headliners and cream of the
domestic djs will allow us once again to provide a very special feeling,
an ultimate atmosphere and true party vibe. Please make yourself
familiar with our massive line up and prepare to have a night of your

Become the LUNATIC!

Main stage:

20.30 - 21.30 Atom
21.30 - 22.30 Jussi Soro
22.30 - 00.00 Sergei Shkuroff
00.00 - 01.30 K90
01.30 - 02:30 Sasha F


20.30 - 21.30 Tiger b2b Yoni K
21.30 - 22.30 Zoom b2b Pavel Stahl
22.30 - 23.30 San Mejor
23.30 - 01.00 Milla Lehto
01.00 - 02.30 Infekto

Silver Stage:

20.30 - 21.30 Nenna b2b Reb
21.30 - 22.30 Tomas Sandersson
22.30 - 23.30 Redic b2b Baikonur
23.30 - 01.00 Ilja Soloviev
01.00 - 02.30 Jordan Suckley

Diiva UG

2000-2100 Vertigo
2100-2230 Niska
2230-2400 Lank
0000-0130 Defa
0130-0230 Vertigo

Line up :

K90 ( HDA Best live act 2008 - UK )

- The name behind such famous international dance anthems as "Red
Snapper", "Super Space" and "Deliverance", HDA Best Live Act 2008 ,
legendary K90 is finally back to Finland! That is what you may call

Jordan Suckley ( Gatecrasher, Godskitchen - UK )

UK latest tech trance supernova, widely named by clubbers as "next Eddie
Halliwell", Jordan Suckley has in less than a year made it to regular
spots at such superclubs as Gatecrasher, Godskitchen and Goodgreef,
playing every weekend with such as Armin van Buuren, Marco V and Sander
van Doorn, not forgetting about his rather impressive releases. We warmly
welcome this young wizard to his first ever appearance in Finland!

Infecto ( Bomfunk MC's, Renegade - FIN )

Domestic broken beat god, Bomfunk MCs dj Infekto will show us why he is so
beloved by nation clubbers. Expect everything from breaks to filthy
drum'n'bass flavoured with twist of electro.. Well, just see yourself,
that is the one to witness!

Milla Lehto ( Pussy Eau de club - FIN )

Finland's leading DJ lady is bringing her trademark electro sounds to
LUNA. Don't miss this extremely popular Pussy eau de Club resident on one
of her relatively rare Turku visits.

Sergei Shkuroff ( Madwave, FINRG Agency - FIN )

Fresh from his second Ibiza season and massive outdoor festival appearance
in Slovakia, Madwave hero will play the prime time uplifting trance
extravaganza to get you mad as lunatic!

Sasha F ( Millennium - FIN )

One of the busiest Finnish DJs, hard warrior Sasha F will end the night at
main arena. Get ready for pure hardstyle lunatism, Dutch way!

Jussi Soro ( Choon! Enhanced - FIN )

Turku's most known trance DJ, Choon! resident Jussi Soro will deliver his
usual quality at Silver stage. Author of famous Trancemix series will not
leave you cold, we assure !

Ilja Soloviev ( Timeline music - RUS )

Ferry Corsten long-time favourite, lately widely recognized as one of the
biggest Russian fresh trance exports, Ilja Soloviev will bring the
astonishing feel of Siberian trance to Finland. Let us welcome this
talented Russian DJ on his Finland debute.

Zoom ( Madwave on air - FIN )

Madwave radio show host, dj Zoom is a familiar name to Turku clubbing
scene already. This time he will amuse all you Lunatics with tried and
tested MoA anthems and some future classics. Don't miss!

Lank ( Diiva UG - FIN )

One of the Turku house ambassadors, Lank has been a vital part of Åbo
klubbing for several years now. This Diva UG collective member will house
you, be sure of that!

Vertigo ( Diiva UG - FIN )

True legend of all things soulful and house, one man army Vertigo was
always going his own paths in electronic music. We are proud to have this
extremely respected DJ to perform for LUNA, as we want to offer you only
the best!

Defa ( Pinky - FIN )

Yet another legendary man in Turku clubbing, Pinky main guy Defa will
provide us with one of his famous darkish proge flavoured sets. If you
think you can afford to miss this, think again!

Redic ( Luna - FIN)

Electro and breaks are the main characteristics for this LUNA resident
sound. With exotic and distant Kazantip twist in his set, this DJ will
definately make you feel good at the dancefloor!

Pavel Ståhl ( Disbalance - FIN)

Up and coming Disbalance collective DJ, Pavel Ståhl is ready to make a
loud step into the Finnish dance community. At LUNA he will definately be
the one to notice, we bet!

Nenna ( salo UG - FIN )

Turku very own minimal and tech master Nenna has made himself a name in
just a few years, now being one of the most wanted minimal techno DJs in
country. LUNA is honoured to have this DJ on board.

San Mejor ( Madwave - FIN )

Fresh Madwave signement, Helsinki based San Mejor will bring to LUNA his
dearest memories from this year's Ibiza tour. Expect dirty electro,
stunning vocals and Balearic vibes!

Niska ( salo UG - FIN )

Young talent Niska is already well known in Turku by his entertaining and
intelligent DJ sets. Now its time for him to make you addicted to LUNA!

Baikonur ( Luna - FIN)

Three, two, one , start... DJ Baikonur will send you to the promised outer
space full of dirty breaks of all kind, capable of pleasing every demand.
Prepare your spaceships for Baikonur !

Reb ( salo UG - FIN )

Nenna's eternal partner in crime, Reb will play the pure pleasure mixture
for your ears. Secret is simple : shake tech house, electro, minimal and
pure techno, add some Reb magic, and you are high!

Tommy Ässä ( Cloud9 - FIN )

UK born, Turku based Cloud 9 founder and resident DJ Tommi Ässä is the old
player at the clubbing table. He surely has some musical aces in his hand,
so come on and just enjoy the dance!

Atom ( Future Floorfiller - FIN )

This DJ plays seldomly but each set he drops is simply unforgettable, so
we would like to give him the opportunity he is definately worth. Listen
for a moment and you will agree!

Yoni K ( Sideffect - FIN )

Sideffect resident Yoni K is a welcomed guest at LUNA, where he will start
off the night with quality progressive sounds. Our tip for early hours!

Tiger ( Disbalance - FIN )

Disbalance is well presented at LUNA this night, as we have yet another
collective resident behind the decks. Tiger will deliver the carefully
selected mix of house, electro and some breaks infusion, pure Disbalance
at its best!

Prepare for LUNATISM!

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