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Kuusisaari, Oulu  
breaks, drum'n'bass, hard, house, industrial, psy, techno, trance

PROTEUS [Säde, Finrg, Hki]
Tyranoid/Strongstream [Fusion Drive, Hki]LIVE
Polly [People Of The Butterflies, Hki]
Trevize [Hki]
Max Dee [Warp Gate]
Andy Piney [Sense.FM]
No I.D. [Fraktaali.]

VJ Move [Finrg, Säde, Hki]



DATE: 1.11.2008
TIME: 2000 - 0300
PLACE: kuusisaaren paviljonki, oulu
AGE: 18
DRESSCODE: halloween costume [costume contest]

0100-0230 Proteus
0000-0100 Polly vs Psydog
2300-0000 Tyranoid/Strongstream LIVE
2200-2300 Polly vs Psydog
2100-2200 Max Dee

0130-0230 Trancepunk
0030-0130 Tapp
2330-0030 Trevize
2230-2330 MZA
2130-2230 Noid
2000-2130 Andy Piney

pictures & video from the past events:

Proteus has gained the respect to be called Finland's most known Hard Dance DJ and has become one of the key players of the global hard dance scene. He has been DJ'ing for 12 years and producing music about 7 years. Proteus and his friends have been the key figures in creating the harder dance scene in Finland. Proteus belongs to the famous Finnish artist and label collective FINRG. The biggest achievement for Proteus so far has been the Hard Dance Awards 2004 and 2005, where he was voted "Best Hard Dance DJ" in the world two years in the row by clubbers all around the globe. In the DJ Mag`s Top 100 DJ list, Proteus has been voted number 90 in 2004 and number 93 in 2005 and made history in becoming the first Finnish artist making it to the Top 100 DJ list alongside Darude. Proteus' first full artist album "(For Those Who Understand) The Nature of the Beast" is now available! BUY HERE!

Tyranoid vs Michael Strongstream is a live act. They love playing on stage and having a good contact with the audience. Tyranoid vs Michael Strongstream holds residency at Fusion Drive underground parties in Helsinki. Their tracks are a mixture of different influences from various genres of electronic dance music, e.g. hard nrg, techno, acid, freeform, industrial and psy. Their live gig highlights so far include Club Säde in Helsinki and a two-club mini tour in Poland.
Tyranoid/Michael Strongstream - myspace

Polly started to listen psytrance in mid 90's and soon after that he found his way to first party. Since that first party psytrance has been part of his life. Nowadays he is a label DJ on Space boogie productions and Rudraksh Records and he organizes parties with people of the butterflies. As a DJ he has performed in numerous events here in Finland and in other countries like Sweden, Russia, Germany and Spain.
Polly - myspace

Trevize started DJ'ing at 2001, spinning the records on Poison Door clubs (Bite, 2029, Musta Romanssi) in Oulu. After the demise of Poison Door at 2004 he has played all over Finland (Tampere, Jyvaskylä, Helsinki) on clubs
like Schatten and Synapsi, and at the Lumous Festival of course.
Trevize - myspace

Max Dee is a founder of Wavedata Records and long time DJ. Max Dee got in touch with DJ'ing in year 1992, but he has spinned records actively in bars and clubs since 1999. Max Dee's musical taste is very wide, he can play anything from progressive/tech/hard/trance/house, not forgetting the sweetest classics from 90's and especially tracks that include the hypnotizing sound of the TB-303.
Max Dee - myspace

Andy Piney is a DJ and a music producer who has developed his skills and wide taste by studying classical piano and theory, playing in several bands and composing with computers since late 90's. Aside of just electronic dance music he has also produced music for short movies, theater, flash demos and game projects.
Andy Piney - myspace

No I.D. is a promoter and resident of breakbeat club called Fraktaali. in Oulu. On Halloween he's gonna play the darkest subgenres of Drum'n'bass: neurofunk, techstep and techno-dnb.

Trancepunk, Tapp, MZA, Psydog

Visuals by:
VJ Move