L I Q U I D | C R Y S T A L | S O U N D S pres :: "Momentum"

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Turku UG, Vanha Suurtori, Turku  
breaks, elektro, trance, techno

MARC KIRKBRIDE (N.I) [Perpetual] [Ketamine Suns]
Jaywink (UK, FIN) [Bass Heroes] [NuBreaks]
Wispy (FIN)
Progression (UK) [LCS] [Millennium]
Ali King (NI) [LCS] [Solstice]

Liquid | Crystal | Sounds pres. :: "MOMENTUM"

November 16th 2007 saw one of electronic music's true Dutch DJ'ing legends: OHMNA (Johan Cyber) hail the ones and two's for Liquid Crystal Sounds! We pulled out all the stops bringing five International DJ's to bolster a sensational party. Everyone who came will know that we partied hard and in true style as L.C.S reached a milestone to celebrate its 1st anniversary on the Finnish clubbing scene. Long may we continue!

With Liquid Crystal Sounds now having six successful events: 'Launch', 'New Beginning', 'Movement', 'Horizons', 'Transitions' and 'Foundations'... it's time to concentrate and look forward to the next year...

On January 25th 2008, we'll be offering something that's distinctive... Something alternative... Something with more Attitude, Pace & Bass! Liquid Crystal Sounds pres: "MOMENTUM". A night of nostalgia, energy and 4 different musical genres! -Electro- -Breaks- -Techno- & -Drum n' Bass-.

We continue our tight connections with Northern Ireland and bring over 'MARC KIRKBRIDE'. With a DJ biography that's filled with talent, Marc will be slamming out some legendary underground Techno. Expect a real show as this guy not only beat-matches, but sample's, scratches and uses the mixer to it's full potential! Support comes from breakbeat extraordinaire: 'Jaywink' and Tampere D&B specialist 'Wispy' who both join LCS residents: Ali King & DJ Progression.

Expect some serious underground sound and a trip through memory lane as our aim is to offer this 'Once-a-year' L.C.S special!! Get your batteries charged, dancing shoes on and see you all on January 25th…

For more information see the links below. Arrive early as Raatihuone Underground has limited capacity. L.C.S crew.

V.Suurtori, TKU UG - Location | LiquidCrystalSounds.com


[iso]MARC KIRKBRIDE (N.Ireland)[/iso] [Perpetual] [Ketamine Suns]


"From a young age Marc has shown his distinct musical abilities by playing the piano and percussion with a natural flair for rhythm. As a top-grade percussionist at school, Marc soon turned his interests to the world of DJ’ing. At aged 17, he was captivated by the use of turntables after seeing their true dynamics at the ‘Technics World DJ Championships’. With these visions, Marc focused on perfecting his mixing abilities, scratching techniques and use of the sampler and effects panel.

The local Northern Irish clubbing scene quickly picked up on Marc’s undoubted talents, and a residency at ‘Primal’ in ‘Bangor’ followed. With his abilities on full show another residency for Marc also emerged at Belfast’s underground techno night: ‘Protocol’. Marc played alongside the likes of legendary DJ/Producers: Chris Liberator (UK), Lawrie Immerson (UK) and Bam Bam (USA).

Post-Gig feedback saw Marc receive recognition and encouragement from several DJ's who commended him for his outstanding skills and unquestionable ability:

"Marc is a very talented DJ who has a great technical awareness. He is keen, dedicated and really gets into the music. I have played with many great DJ's, but Marc is one with a serious amount of talent. I wish him a great future."
-(DJ Bam Bam (USA)-

“The first time I saw Marc play, he blew the place away with his technical ability. His set was inspirational and he really knew how to keep the pace moving. I remember talking with my friend Lawrie (Immerson) about him and he also remembers Marc for the same reasons, as he had played with him on a previous occasion. He’s simply a star performer... With Marc, Expect an energetic funk-fuelled disco-matic techno set! ...or better yet, expect the unexpected!"
-(Chris Liberator (UK)-

Marc Kirkbride’s name has continued to rise in popularity and has now seen him spin his distinctive sound at other top venue's in Belfast: ...including ‘Resonate’, ‘Kube’, ‘Menagerie’, ‘Thompsons’, ‘Lavery's’ and ‘The Garrick’… Appearances in Ireland’s: Enigma (Colourfest) and Scotland’s: ‘Club London’ and ‘Sincere’ have also added to his list of bookings.

With his DJ mixes gracing the airwaves on radio shows in N.Ireland, Ireland, England, Scotland and worldwide listeners tuning in through numerous dance websites, Marc is rapidly establishing a name for himself as a DJ, producer and now percussionist in the Belfast band 'Ketamine Suns'.

'Ketamine Suns' is a mix of trip-hop that marries jazz, electronica and industrial beats with de-tuned keys and sparse guitar, permeated with Oonagh Cassidy’s characteristic Irish vocals. However, they hold no limitations and their tracks can range from intensely dreamy sound-scapes to dark and gritty distortion laden compositions. The band has already received great press coverage and recently had a placement of their track: “Say it Simply (Sarah)" in the NBC Television show “Life” and have gigs in the UK already ahead.

Marc's long list of musical history has allowed him to roll his percussive energetic sound into his ever-impressing DJ sets. He aspires to be unique in style and fills his tune selection with funky tough techno, whilst amazing the crowd and enhancing his individuality by showcasing his superb technical ability through his mixing, scratching, sampling and tricks. Not just a DJ to hear... one to watch! A true performer"


[iso]Jaywink (UK, FIN)[/iso] [Bass Heroes] [NuBreaks]

http://www.basshero.org | http://www.myspace.com/jaywink

"Jason, aka: 'Jaywink' found his interests in electronic music in the early 90's through the likes of The Orb, Prodigy & 808 State. With a first club gig in early 2000 Jason rapidly worked his way into the Finnish DJ'ing scene. With earlier sets predominantly filled with club house, Jason moved through various phases and movements of music. It was between these styles that he found his roots again within 'Broken-Beat & Breakbeat'... the sounds that initially lured him into electronic music.

At the end of 2002, Jason was taken as a resident DJ in the organisation: 'Children Of Dub'. A niche organization devoted to promoting breaks parties in southern Finland. The residency helped Jason establish himself further and saw him regularly spinning at events around Finland. With gigs in some of Helsinki's legendary clubs like 'Kerma', 'Soda Underground', 'M-Bar' and 'Gloria' to name a few, Jason was quickly booked for further appearances in some of St. Petersburg's finest clubs.

Since 2004 Jason has been promoting his own club nights under the name 'Bass Heroes'. This was a project that Jason started solo for promoting his passion for breaks... but grew to an organization consisting of several DJ's. The birth of Bass Heroes had one thing in mind: To promote regular Breaks/Drum'n'Bass events in southern Finland. With a list of successful nights, Jason's visions quickly came true! With an organisation established, Jason's current projects now include a weekly Bass Heroes show on 'NuBreaks': a Breaks / Drum'n'Bass net-radio station.

Depending on the mood of the venue, Jason's sets roll from 'Full-On-Bass-Heavy' Breaks to the 'Hardest' Drum'n'Bass, to a more 'Down-Tempo Broken Beats. One thing is for sure, Jason ensures that there's Bass, and plenty of it!"


[iso]Wispy (FIN)[/iso]


"At just 20 years old, Ville Penttinen: aka Wispy, has already made a real DJ name for himself within the Finnish Drum & Bass scene. Wispy began spinning records back in 2002 pushing the more House and Trance beats. However, he established his roots quickly after Drum & Bass captivated this young talent. For Wispy, there was no turning back. Over the following years his technical skills soared and proof was awarded by winning the 2006 Drum & Bass DJ competition arranged by the Tampere based organisation '33100'. With 2006 being a successful year, 2007 brought even more! Wispy worked his way to become a finalist in Helsinki's now annual 'Laserpoint 2008 DJ Competition'.

These days Wispy’s Dn'B tastes revolve around uplifting, summer-like, groovy and rolling dancefloor killers with Jazz influences. This DJ seems to always come equipped with a tastefully packed record bag... always finding a solution to play for any kind of occasion. His aim is clearly to bring good vibes to any dance floor and build up an atmosphere to raise the roof!"


[iso]Progression (UK)[/iso] [Liquid Crystal Sounds] [Millennium]

http://www.liquidcrystalsounds.com | http://www.mlnm.org/

Born in London, Progression's connectivity with electronic music began in the late 80's. In 1994, at just 14yrs old, his DJ career kicked off with the purchase of turntables. With a dominant rave scene within the UK, Progression became the instigator for organising small illegal parties for many years until his big break came in 1998. Progression launched two separate club nights at his university in west London and established himself a 4-year residency. As both a DJ & promoter, Progression played alongside numerous domestic and foreign DJ legends. A move to Finland came in 2003 with his DJ career continuing in cities such as Helsinki, Turku, Vaasa, & Oulu.

Now 27yrs old, Progression is a resident DJ within Finland's legendary 'Millennium' organisation. Continuing where he left off in London, Progression also co-runs his own underground club night: 'Liquid Crystal Sounds' where he plays alongside some of the finest UK, Dutch and Finnish DJ’s. With his sets consisting of melodic, uplifting progressive & lower-tempo Trance, Progression has established a 'Trademark' sound which concentrates on driving bass-lines and deeper expressive breakdowns. A DJ who carefully crafts his own passion and feeling for music into the atmosphere of his sets!


[iso]Ali King (N.Ireland)[/iso] [Liquid Crystal Sounds] [Solstice]

http://www.liquidcrystalsounds.com | http://www.myspace.com/letnomanjack

"Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Alistair's: (aka Ali King) early musical experiences were tied with instruments such as the Trumpet, Classical Guitar & Piano. During the late 90's Ali threw his rhythmic talents into DJ’ing. As Belfast’s clubbing scene expanded, Ali found himself playing with both local and international DJ talents including Gareth Hogan, Terry Keely (http://www.shine.net), Mark Kinnier (Futura) and Marc Kirkbride (Protocol, Perpetual). Now Spinning in Finland, Ali has made his mark! DJ’s: OlliS, Sasha F, Alex Kunnari, D.N.A., Flight and Nemes have all played with this maturing talent. Expect Ali's DJ sets to be anything from Chilled-out to Deep-Techy-Progressive through to tough Drivin’ down ‘n’ dirty Techno. A DJ who always brings something new to every occasion and get's the dancefloor movin'."