Pinky Halloween

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Giggling Marlin, Turku  
elektro, house, trance

Alex M.O.R.P.H. (Fenology), Miika Kuisma (Danceteria, Subtraxx), Bio (Pinky), Nescio (Tku)

Pinky Halloween
3.11.2007 Giggling Marlin K18


Alex M.O.R.P.H. (Fenology) DE


Alex M.O.R.P.H. is one of today’s most wanted producers / remixers in the uplifting trance genre. With succesful remixes for Armin van Buuren, Woody van Eyden, ATB, Super 8 & DJ Tab, Mat Silver & Tony Burt and others, he became one of the most wanted remixers available. His own singles "Flaming Clouds", "Unification" and "New Harvest", as well as the co-ops "Heavenly" with Woody van Eyden, "Live Less Ordinary" with Rank 1 or "Shift" with Mike Koglin all found their way into the record boxes of all the big players on the planet. His first solo artist album "Miles & M.O.R.P.H. - Live Less Ordinary" was only one further step into the future of his always rising carreer. He always tries to show his versatility in multiple aspects, including a well-known radioshow (HeavensGate) with Woody van Eyeden, their monthly B2B HeavensGate appearance will be extended to a weekly DJ Set on radiostations all over the world. Bringing the most upfront trance music imaginable in his sets, Alex M.O.R.P.H. is able to make a crowd go wild any time.

Miika Kuisma (Danceteria, Subtraxx)


Over the years Miika Kuisma has made many different styles of music; from chill-out to various forms house and trance. But he always likes to be unpredictable and do whatever feels good at the moment. On the dj’ing side, Miikas’ style can be described as “epic progressive”, something that slips between different forms of house and trance. His favourite set is typically in the middle of evening, when he is able to play long builder set, taking the audience all the way from progressive house even to the state of slammin’ tech-trance. So far he’s been playing in wide range of events from smallest clubs to Love Parade in Berlin and Tiesto’s ISOS tour. Lately his heart has been pumping for progressive house and together with Mr.A and Heikki L their Danceteria club and record label has begun it’s countdown for international success. Despite of his love for broad selection of house music Miika haven’t said good bye for trance but only took it into different direction. His new album Sententia is his humble attempt to make such trance that he fell in love with back in early 90s. Future will show how far his focus, dedicatation and talent can take him.

Bio (Pinky)


Bio has been playing records since 2003 at many parties such as Planet of love, Pinky and DiivaUG. Over the years Bio’s passion for DJ’ing has growth and for him, it’s always important to see that people are enjoying the music he plays. Bio's style is mainly energetic techtrance but you can also hear darker progressive and uplifting melodic sounds in his dj-sets.

Nescio (Tku)


Nescio journeyed into the world of electronic music at the start of the millennium with little persuasion. At a time when Paul Oakenfold was on fire and producing such alternative and unique mix CD's, Nescio already had an influential beginning to his DJ career. His first DJ-setup came in 2002 with the birth of his musical style: Uplifting Trance. With the movement and development of electronic genres, Nescio was lured into spinning the more progressive-deeper sounds all the way to a more Electro-House sound. Winning the "" Open Decks Competition during Spring 2006 proved that Nescio lives up to his reputation: Accurate technique, smooth mixing with an original choice of tunes. A top class talent merging older and newer styles. This DJ provides and effortlessly captivates the crowd with his emotional connection and blending of music.

Lj Tricolor (choon!)



22.00-00.00 Bio b2b Nescio
00.00-01.30 Miika Kuisma
01.30-03.30 Alex M.O.R.P.H.

Date: 3.11.2007

Age: 18

Tickets: 8 (6 sk-member)

Place: Giggling Marlin, Humalistonkatu 6 Turku