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Boot, John Major, Cinnamon, Vertigo, Lank


Boot (Turku UG)
I started DJing in mainstream night clubs in 1995-1996. But I soon got tired of being a human jukebox, I moved to underground parties only. We did a couple of our own nights with Pete Input and Theba, such as Virus and Baby Steps. When Steel (r.i.p) opened, I did a couple gigs there before I became a resident dj. I've been playing in parties arranged by different organisations in turku, such as Empire, Progress, Club Overdrive, Plan B, X-Rust and Millennium. My sets include mainly Techno, house, drum and bass or acid, depending on nights theme and my mood. But I'm not afraid to experiment with different styles. At home I like to chill spinning deep house and electro.

John Major (Pinky)
John Major started playing records in 2001 after listening electronic music about 15 years. A few years in the clubs and parties was the inspiration of DJing, being on the other side of the decks. In the beginning the style was trance with some progressive sounds, but nowadays sets contains also deep progressive, tech , house and minimal sounds, stylishly mixed. John has played in few clubs in Finland and is club Pinky´s resident dj.

Cinnamon (Turku UG)
Cinnamon has been djing since 2001. Her style varies from deep house to raunchier progressive house.Jori Hulkkonen, Joey Negro and Junior Jack are her favourite djs. She has been playing at several parties and clubs. Mainly in Finland, but has also played some gigs in Tallinn, Estonia.

Vertigo (Resident) www.djvertigo.info
Vertigo, born in Turku (Finland) in 1980, became a DJ in nineties and since then has kept up a busy schedule DJing in Finland and abord. Although he stared playing various music in his early days, six months after the first gigs Vertigo found his path to house music. 2000 was a big break for Vertigo as he played his favouritehouse music at one of the biggest Scandinavian music events Koneisto. A year later, Vertigo debuted in Estonia playing at various gigs as well as a set at the Sun Dance Music Festival which attracted more than 30 000 clubbers across the region.

Lank (Resident) www.djlank.com
Lank started playing in 2000 after he had been clubbing for several years. The biggest inspiration was found on the journeys to the legendary island of Ibiza. He started with progressive house but nowadays his style varies from deeper house to techhouse and electro. Lank has played at major Finnish clubs such as Millennium, Fantasy and House Nation.

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Sound, lights and visual by Tundra illustration and Diiva UG crew
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