MILLENNIUM 8th anniversary - day 1

  From until   Tickets 8€   Age limit: 18  
UNIQ nightlife, Helsinki  
, trance, jotain


05.12.'006 MILLENNIUM 8th anniversary - DAY 1.
22.00 - 04.00 @ UNIQ, yliopistonkatu 5 HELSINKI | age limit 18.

DAY 1 TICKETS : 8 eur from door (includes DAY 2 ticket!).
in advance 6 eur from UNIQ nightlife & BREEZE BAR (INFO).

DRESSCODE/THEME : children's party! - colourful clothing, funny paper
hats, balloons, serpentine - feel free to make it wild and hilarious!

· LUKA [millennium | UK/FIN].
· COSMO [millennium, kickin records,].
· SYNA -live [finity].
· MIIKA KUISMA [danceteria music].
· WCDJ.ORG +friends [toilet superstars].

DAY 1 - main arena:
01.30 - 03.30 LUKA & COSMO.
00.30 - 01.30 SYNA -live (1st live performance ever!).
22.00 - 00.30 MIIKA KUISMA.

DAY 1 - toilet arena:
02.00 - 03.30 HOURETILA (hippitikitii meets hugon pannaan startaten!).
01.00 - 02.00 SÄTEILYLLÄTIIVISTETYNVALONPISTE (progeusta ja neön11!1).
24.00 - 01.00 THE ORIGINAL WCDJ.ORG (pikkuoravat show!).
23.00 - 24.00 TALOVALTIO (äitisi lempparihitit).
22.00 - 23.00 SIKAVIILEÄ (homointaulkohuussia).

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SYNA [finity].

SYNA is a coalition of three talented finnish producers; toni kurkimäki, timo juuti and mika vuorela, found in summer 2004. the sound of SYNA has been unique from the very beginning. the diverse musical background and producing styles of each producer creates a melting pot that is a essence of SYNA. emotional melodies, combined with deep progressive basslines and breakbeats are probably the most distinctive elements of SYNA, although you never really know what you're going to hear next...

for more information :

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MILLENNIUM 1998 - 2006.

MILLENNIUM was founded on december 6th 1998. originally established to organize bus trips to and from berlin's famous LOVEPARADE, the initial idea began to quickly expand and progress...

eight years have passed and MILLENNIUM has multiplied in size to host hundreds of club events at a whole range of venues accross 14 different finnish cities! almost 300 domestic and foregn dj's including countless live acts have hailed our turntables. numerous events have also been organized in collaboration with other finnish club such as CLOCKWORK (SJK), MADWAVE (TRE), HOUSEBASE (LPR), SOFTCORE (JNS) and AMBROSIA (HKI) to name a handful. as well as this, MILLENNIUM proudly joined forces three times with the legendary trademark superclub: GODSKITCHEN (UK).

nostalgic highlights also include a MILLENNIUM arena twice at the SUN DANCE MUSIC FESTIVAL (EST) and finally - after an eight year journey - having the pride of running a finnish dj float at the berlin LOVEPARADE during summer 2006 surrounded by 1.2 million people!

during the progress of the MILLENNIUM project, we have also been happy to breed several sister clubs such as SUPERCOOL, CLUB ELITE, RAVE AGAINST DRUGS and ELECTRIC GLADIATORS.

with all this history, it is now time to celebrate our 8th anniversary and of course independence day. so let's get together to keep the spirit alive and live life to the max! but arrive early for a whole spread of tasty surprises!