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#1001 • • ascide5 Guest
ja pari viel lisää lidlistä:

Warren Fellow & Tim J - Impressions
Circulation - Indigo
Adam Beyer - Snuff & Noise
Todd Terry - Open House Session
#1002 • • Edited ipe Guest
ARMANDO: 151 (The Remixes) (Djax-up-beats) 12"
ATOM HEART: Whitehouse (Leptone) 12"
FLASHBULB: Binedump EP (Bohnerwachs Tontraeger) 12"
IDES aka IAN POOLEY: Limer (AFU Ltd) 12"
MAXIMO PARK: Graffiti (Warp) 7"
PRODIGY: Charly (XL) 12"
PRODIGY: No Good (Start The Dance) (XL) 12"

APHEX TWIN - Remixes Volume 1 (ATW) 2xLP :D
BAM BAM - Where's Your Child? (Desire) 12"
#1003 • • djsakke Guest

ATOM HEART: Whitehouse (Leptone) 12"

Oho aika kova! oliko second handina vai onkos taa repressi tms?
#1004 • • ipe Guest

ATOM HEART: Whitehouse (Leptone) 12"

Oho aika kova! oliko second handina vai onkos taa repressi tms?

Ilmeisesti repressi.
#1005 • • Daniel Braun Guest
uusia levyjä taas:

The Supermen Lovers - STARLIGHT
Dance Train Classics - VINYL 3
Dance Train Classics - VINYL 27
Dance Train Classics - VINYL 26
Boris Dlugosch With Roisin Murphy - NEVER ENOUGH RMX
Narcotic Thrust - WHEN THE DAWN BREAKS
Laurent Wolf - CALINDA 2005
Bob Sinclar ft. Gary Pine - LOVE GENERATION
2-4 Grooves - AGAIN EP
Secret Service - 3 TRACKER EP VOL 2
#1006 • • Juki54 Guest
tämmötti ny ainaki:

Mannel - Cruel Summer [Trojan Records]
Chable And Bonnici - Ride (remixes) [Alternative Route]
D-Fuse Feat Jes - Living The Dream (part 2) [Skyline]
Probspot - Organic Waveforms (disc 2 of 3) [Lost Language]
Sucker DJs - Le Bon [Sucker DJ Records]
Ferry Corsten - Sublime [Tsunami]
Marco V - More Than A Life Away (part 2) [In Charge]
Gabriel & Dresden - Portobello / Serendipity [EE]
Harry Lemon - Tiga [Bandung]
Jonas Steur - Castamara [Intuition]
#1007 • • nipa Guest
neil landstrumm - m-cap ep (scandinavia)
swing/jerk on niin loisto raita :happyroll:
#1008 • • Sting Ray Guest
Sasha vs Underworld - Xpanding Girl (Orkidea Rmx)/Orkidea - Requiem

B-puolella ei kylläkään ole Requiem vaan Vangelis - Procession, kyseessä on misprintti ja Requiem tulee olemaan kakkoslevyllä:

Due to an Admin error, the B-Side track names have been mixed up on the first run of Vinyls.

Vinyl labels currently read as follows:

Disc1 A: Xpanding Girl B: Requiem
Disc2 A: Fine Day B: Procession


Disc1 A: Xpanding Girl B: Procession
Disc2 A: Fine Day B: Requiem

Labelling will be corrected on the second run, so these initial mis-labelled copies will be collectors items in a few years! Get them while you can!!

#1009 • • uniq_a.k. Guest
Tälläsiä tullu hommailtua lähipäivinä:

12" Chicane - No Ordinary Morning/Halcyon (S12)
12" Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (S12)
12" Art of Trance - Love Washes Over (Black Hole)
12" Rank 1 - Awakening remixes (ID&T)
12" White Water - The Unknown (Involved records)
12" Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar disc3 (Bonzai)
12" Roger Sanchez - You Can't Change Me (Defected)
12" Dito - Iceland (Torpedo records)
12" Fred Baker vs. Nyram - Confirmation (In Trance We Trust)

2x12" Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise 4 sampler (Songbird/Black Hole)
#1010 • • Matlåck Guest
Kirpparilta Inner City: Paradise LP.

Löytyi myös pet shop boys remix albumi,donna summerii,new orderii,kool&the gangii.....
#1011 • • ipe Guest
Plaid - Trainer (Warp) 3xLP
Shamen - En-Tact (One Little Indian) LP
Shamen - Hyperreal (One Little Indian) 12"
Shamen - Make It Mine (One Little Indian) 12"
Shamen - Make It Mine Remix (One Little Indian) 12"
Shamen - Omega Amigo (One Little Indian) 12"
Shamen - Pro>Gen (One Little Indian) 12"
Shamen Vs. Bam Bam - Transcendental (Desire) 12"
#1012 • • Juki54 Guest
Pari Leaman ja Moorin remixiä:

Sonorous - Protonic (Monster Force)
Space Manoeuvres - Stage One / Zone Two (Lost Language)
#1013 • • OCS Guest
Mike Foyle pres. Statica - For your eyes only / Space guitar
Yes - Owner of a lonely heart ( Max Graham's Sidechain Remix )

Ja lisäyksenä vielä:

Above & Beyond / Andy Moor - Air for life
Deep Dish - Say hello ( 2x12" )
Eye Wall - Bad deal
U2 - Vertigo ( Remix )

#1014 • • Paarma Guest
Chris Coco: Next Wave LP
Kelley Polar Quartet: Rococo EP
Kelley Polar Quartet: Recital EP
Frankie Knuckles: The Whistle Song
Âme: Kuma/Engoli
Carl Craig: The Album Formerly Known As... From The Vaults Of Planet E
#1015 • • Dirt Guest
Nick Holder - The Other Mixes (Vol. 1) Solid Groove remix on tosi ässä.
Frank Spatula - My Needs Ei ainoastaan se, että on suomalaista musaa, vaan että hemmetin hyvää sellaista.
#1016 • • A-E Guest
Frank Spatula - My Need (Frozen North)
Trevor Rockcliffe ft. Blake Baxter - Relaxe ep (Mentor)
Aril Brikha - Prey For Peace (Music Man)
Atlante Group - Ideology Wave And Technology (Atlante)
Dan Curtin - Give (Metamorphic)
Mathew Jonson - Return Of The Zombie Bikers (Wagon Repair)
#1017 • • Tapi T Guest
Blank & Jones - Cream [Deviant]
Dollshead - It's Over (BiR rmxs) [Universal]
A Guy Called Gerald - Humanity (Ashley Beedle rmxs) [Studio !K7]
Jose Padilla - Who Do You Love [Manifesto]
Loveclub - The Journey [Platipus]
Lustral - Everytime (Disc 1) [Hooj Choons]
Quivver - Saxy Lady [A&M]
Tiësto - Flight 634 [Nebula]
#1018 • • SAMi Guest
Various Artists Compiled By Dimitri From Paris And Joey Negro The Kings Of Disco Part2 (Bbe - rr0039lp)
Carl Craig - The Workout (React - reactlp227)
Kenny Dope Gonzales - The Bomb (Henry Street - hs518)
#1019 • • timppa^ Guest
BREAK: Don't Doubt It (East Side)
BREAK/SILENT WITNESS: Z Groove (Quarantine)
COMMIX: Urban Legend (Metalheadz)
CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE: Bounty Hunter (N Vision)
D BRIDGE: The Monochrome EP (Bingo Beats)
DJ SIFU: Solenoid (Thermal US)
ENDEMIC VOID/TUNDRA: Off The Market (Offshore)
FANU/VECTOR BURN/GRAPHIC/RESOUND: Community Service EP (Warm Communication US)
SKC/DIS/DESIMAL: Sacrifice (Obsessions)
#1020 • • kosmo Guest
taas pari...

Medway - Baseline track 2005 (Luke Chable mix) / (jiva roid rage mix) [Release]
Way Out West - Dont forget me Part 1. (WoW Dustbite mix) / (Kaito mix) [Distinctive]
Cirez D. - Control Freak / Hoodpecker [mouseville]