9/11 Presents: Sébastien Léger 9.7.2021 @ Tallinn

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King of progressive house music Mr. Sébastien Léger is coming to 9/11!

The wait is over.
Our community is back and stronger than ever. It was a while ago when we all gathered in front of the DJ booth and danced like lunatics. In order to bring back good old memories we’re inviting you to share happiness and greatness through music, art and incredible vibes. 

We were close to witness the death of the entertainment and club culture, but here we are - stronger, better and more dedicated than ever. This time we’re shooting for the stars and take you on a trip far far away. Fasten your seatbelts and follow us on a journey through the history of music and dive into a new reality, where music is the key to ancient cultures.For this special event we’re hosting the one and only Sebastian Leger, who is well-know for taking people deep inside the rabbit hole. A world-class producer, DJ and man behind innovative sounds is coming to Tallinn for the first time to bring out the best of us and to deliver sounds that matters.
Together with our local manshaft we’re celebrating freedom and endless happiness. This event will also be a corner stone for 9/11’s events with international artists. We’re 100% sure that this will go to the Hall of Fame events and total satisfaction is almost guaranteed because the whole 9/11 community is doing what they do best - hardcore dance events served with love and taste. Get your tickets and join us for an epic ride:

Pre-Sale: https://www.ticketer.ee/911-presents-sebastien-leger

Full house event (Terrace, 9/11, Creative Space)