MK-Ultra - Cells Interlinked (Deep/Tech/Progressive House & Techno)

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Have you ever wondered what would House Music sound like in the bleak dystopian world of the Blade Runner? Wonder no more, fellow cyberpunk! MK-Ultra bioengineers a hybrid DNA of Deep House, Tech House, Techno and Progressive House that burns twice as bright, yet has a soul of a human under the hardened exterior of a Nexus series replicant. All those moments will not be lost in time, like tears in rain.

01) MK-Ultra - One Man Slaughterhouse [Intro]
02) HedustMA - Natural Technology [Original Mix]
03) Enformig - Evenings [Original Mix]
04) Ivo C - Cosmic Waves [Original Mix]
05) Diego Herrera - Slow Burn [Christian Venegas is Burning in Hell Remix]
06) Andrea Rivi - My Weapon [Original Mix]
07) Kush - Sound Current [Original Mix]
08) Bonetti - Rupture [Original Mix]
09) Stan Kolev - Circulation [Original Mix]
10) Matan Caspi - Liquid Blue [Vocal Mix]
11) Kush - Night Owl [Original Mix]

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