DJ Meke Guest Mix @ Mark EG Presents: The Future of Hard Trance Episode 004

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#1 • • Meke GT Digital, BCN Records
Mark EG Presents: The Future of Hard Trance Episode 004, DJ Meke guest mix.

"Every second Thursday of the month from 8pm-9pm, The UK's global innovator of hard trance gives you 'The Future of Hard Trance'. Featuring guest DJ mixes, retro classics and much more, the focus is taking this incredible genre forward. Who better to talk you through the future than the one and only Mark EG! Enjoy."

1 Julio, Torria, Gacia – Intro Violence (2009)
2 Xavi BCN & DJ Meke – Resurrection (2015)
3 Pills – Mindmaster (2008)
4 ESA Project - Black Hole (2016)
5 Carbono 14 - Overdrive Harmonies (2007)
6 Wave Radiators - Religion of Darkness 2K15 (2015)
7 Xavi BCN & DJ Meke – Dance Or Die (2016)

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