Street team jäseniä haussa synkiöklubille

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WANTED!! Street Team members and artists/djs. Do you use social media active and feel passionate of music? Are you social, outgoing person? If yes, read further.
We are looking for 3 members to our street team. Job is really simple: just spread the word of our events in social media. If you want to help us out giving stickers/flyers, please do (not necessary). If you have good ideas or vision for the club, we are always willing to hear you out. Want to become part of Interface?

Send e-mail (finnish/english) to [email protected] with headline Interface. Please tell us bit of yourself, your musical taste, how would you advertise the events and why you are the right person for us.

As for artists/djs, we are planning monthly podcast that would be an interview (artist/dj picks the tracks) or just dj-mix. Interested? Use same e-mail as above smile emoticon
Club starts later this year in Helsinki

Palkkiona some-mainostamisesta tarjoamme ilmaisen sisäänpääsyn tässä vaiheessa. Jos homma kunnolla pyörähtää käyntiin, yritämme keksiä jotain lisäkivaa kiitoksena