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Hello folks!

Long time no mixtape but here it is. When I´m writing this it is 3rd of December and dark as hell. :) Maybe it inspired me as far as the track list goes, since these are rather minimalistic, dark or even gloomy songs in some parts. But this is what I like in techno. I hope u enjoy this! I´ve been rather busy this fall because of school but now I´m open for gig offerings if something like that would come across. :)

("Dunkel" apart from meaning "dark" also means german lager beer)

1. Reeko - Human Experiments (intro)
2. Recondite - Undulate (Lawrence Dub)
3. Christian Wunsch - Inverse Rotation (Original Mix)
4. Inigo Kennedy - Pithead (Original Mix)
5. Patrick Walker - Space Wrecks (Original Mix)
6. Daniel Avery - Drone Logic (Rodhåd Remix)
7. Namito - Marathon (Petar Dundov Remix)
8. Reeko - Saturn Sequences
9. Ayako Mori - Egoism (Original Mix)
10. Reeko - barcelona # 3:00am (Original Mix)
11. Etapp Kyle - Nolah (Original Mix)
12. Gemini Voice Archive - Absoluto Disparate (Original Mix)
13. Inigo Kennedy - Dusk (Original Mix)
14. Tensile - Thesis 2 (Original Mix)
15. Phase - The Maze (Original Mix)
16. Roberto Capuana - Wilford (Original Mix)


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