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Behind the name Simon Templar hides a DJ/Producer Jussi Paasonen, born in 1979, also known from Finnish duo Winkee. Simon Templar aims to bring deep, melancholic and progressive trance elements to his music.

Jussi started his journey in the world of electronic music in the end of 1980’s enjoying the electronic music genres from side to side. In the mid 90’s Jussi started dj:ing and hosting electronic club events and parties. Jussi began to produce his own music by name Simon Templar in the year 2000 and Winkee was founded together with a good friend Sami Törrönen in 2003. A great love for electronic music gave birth also a live line-up Infinity which performed in Finnish club events in the years 2000-2004.

Simon Templar published his first track, Winkee – Whisper (Simon Templar remix), in Unity Records in the year 2004. Same nostalgic track was updated to Refresh mix for Solarstone’s and Dj Orkidea’s Pure Trance-compilation album in 2012.

//2013 Simon Templar - Meltwater (Part1&2) was selected Tune of the Year 2013 by Solarstone in DjMag//

//2014 Simon Templar - To The Stars was nominated Solarstone´s Top10´s of Most Important Trance Tracks of All Time' on DJ Mag//

Simon Templar has released his music labels such :
Pure Trance Recordings,Black Hole Recordings,
JOOF Recordings,REBOOTED,Touchstone Recordings,Lost Language,
Unity Recordings,Empress Recordings,BONZAI Music (all the subs)...

Simon Templar tracks has already heard played by such Dj/Producer stars like : Markus Schulz, Paul Oakenfold,Max Graham,Solarstone, John 00 Fleming, Scott Bond, M.I.K.E, Airwave, Orkidea, Giuseppe Ottaviani,Alex M.O.R.P.H,Menno De Jong.

Performing venues like : Luminosity Beach Festival (NL), Gatecrasher Birmingham (UK),Indigo Void (UK) ,NOLA USA ..

Simon Templar has done remixes to : John 00 Fleming,Scott Bond & Marc Mitchell, Airwave, T.I.L.T.,Bacil"O"Glue,Winkee,Forerunners,Koishii&Hush,Danny Stubbs,Narel,Darkskye,...

"Who are some of those producers who appeal to you specifically?

There’s a guy named Simon Templar. He’s got a brilliant sound at the moment. It’s not classic Trance, but it’s what I see Trance should be. The tracks aren’t even released yet. I’ve played them and there’s a huge buzz about them because there hasn’t been music produced like that in a long time.

“I wish my music could bring joy and feelings of happiness to the people around the world. I hope to mediate same emotions to people through my music that electronic music has given me”

-Simon Templar-

Bookings: [email protected]
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if you like deep and dark progressive sound ,here is a latest episode of "Underground Therapy with Chris Hynds " My guest mix in the second hour enjoy :) in Chris earlier guest has being such as :

John 00 Fleming
Simon Patterson
Markus Schulz
Giuseppe Ottaviani
Ferry Corsten
Ferry Tayle
Temple One
Mark Sherry
Basil O'Glue
Gai Barone

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Tässä viimeisin haastattelu jonka tein ohjelmaan nimeltä : Art Of Music with John Mig

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Trance Renaissance - (Simon Templar QuestMix)

1. Intro (Das Boot U96-The Movie)
2. Derek Howell - Siren's Teeth (Dub Mix)
3. Sebastian Busto - Legends (Original Mix)
4. Alfonso Muchacho - All Hope (Original Mix)
5. Alfonso Muchacho - Last Horizon (Original Mix)
6. Philthy Chit - People Places (Original Mix)
7. Gordey Tsukanov - Minotaur (Sundrowner Remix)
8. 3A Simon Templar vs Jam & Spoon-Odyssey To The Stars
9. Simon Templar - The Alignment (Original Mix)

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Jamie Baggots Universal Languages -
Simon Templar Guest Mix (2016)


1. Intro - Intro
2. Michael A - Education (Original Mix)
3. NikoChristo & Synas - Iris (Original Mix)
4. Alfonso Muchacho - Last Horizon (Original Mix)
5. Eric Prydz - Generate (Orkidea Remix)
6. Haxxy - Mind Reader (Original Mix)
7. Solarstone & Basil O'Glue - Infatuation (Extended Mix)
8. Factor B - Sacrosanct (Original Mix)
9. Mike Saint-Jules & Amy Kirkpatr - Galaxy (A.R.D.I. Remix)

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available here:

Completing the extensive remix package of Lifecycle which included the Foundation Rework on Pure Trance Progressive and Amir Hussain’s slamming rework of this seminal classic from 2007, we have a remastered and rebooted version of the Original Mix, sonically revamped for 2016 and also Finland’s Jussi Paasonen a.k.a. Simon Templar has given the track a lush remix which takes it into deeper hypnotic territory.

Pure Trance 038X
Forerunners - Lifecycle (Remixed & Remastered)

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ForerunnersSimon Templar
Released by:
Pure Trance Recordings
Release date:
13 June 2016
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Available here:

Greece’s finest trance export returns to Pure Trance (following the Solarstone collab Infatuation) with a solo outing, namely Pop Culture. An understated but driving and intelligently designed piece of music, solid percussion, evocative melodies, quirky twists and turns and of course, a nice phat hook. Simon Templar’s remix is exactly what we love him for; his instantly recognisable warm, smooth and meticulously produced pure trance sound, throbbing bassline, lush pads and an arrangement which evolves throughout, taking the listener on a deep trip.

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Basil O'GlueSimon Templar
Released by:
Pure Trance
Release date:
25 July 2016
Simon Templar

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Planet Perfecto: The official radio show featuring legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold delivers exclusive music and fresh mixes in every two hour weekly program. The Grammy-nominated artist, DJ, producer, composer and remixer tours the world constantly and acquires original music from all corners of the globe – from trance to progressive to future house.

This week hear the biggest house, trance and progressive beats as Paul Oakenfold gets in the mix. Enjoy!

For news, tour schedule, and more info visit:

Alessia Cara - Wild Things [MK rmx]
Todd Terry, Leon Cormack & Simmer Link - Cold Shoulder - Get Twisted
Paul Oakenfold ft. Amber Shepherd - U Are - Perfecto
Eric Prydz - Sunset At Mambo [Orkidea remix]
Paul Oakenfold - Awake - Perfecto
Omnia - Alien - Armada
Spencer Brown - Wannamaker [Fatum rmx] - Anjuna Beats

Zak Abel - Everybody Needs Love [MJ Cole remix] - Warners
Parx ft. Charlotte Haining - Shady [Layout remix] - Perfecto
Patrick Hagenaar ft.Sweedish - Disarm
Calvin Harris ft.Rihanna - This is What You Came For [Erick T rmx]
Galantis - No Money [Dillon Francis rmx]
Harry Vederci - Derek Fishers in the House [Paul Oakenfold club mix] - Perfecto
Paul Oakenfold - Otherside [Fatum rmx] - Perfecto

Paul Oakenfold - EMA Theme - Perfecto
Lange - Airpocalypse - In Trance We Trust
Tilt - Angry Skies [Simon Templar rmx]
Forerunners - Lifecycle [Amir Hussain remix] - Pure Trance
Stoneface & Terminal - Earth To Brain - Perfecto Fluoro
Simon Patterson & Magnus - Evoke

Paul Oakenfold - Bla Bla Bla [Eddie Bitar remix] - Perfecto Fluoro
Alex Ender - The Day After Tomorrow
Sean Tyas - Ambush
Andain - Summer Calling [Casey Rasch rmx]
Stone face & Terminal - Wide Awake
Harmonic Rush & Asteria - Joanne in Wonderland

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Forerunners - Lifecycle (Simon Templar Remix) [Pure Trance]
Melodica - Abyss (Extended Mix from PT4 Expanded) [Pure Trance]
M.I.K.E. Push pres. Plastic Boy - Now & Forever (Extended Mix) [A State Of Trance]
Solarstone & Marcella Woods - Falling (Peter Steele Mantra Mix) [Black Hole] *World Exclusive
Legend B - Lost In Love (Matt Smith Bootleg) [White Label] *World Exclusive
Allen & Envy & Neev Kennedy - Without You (Dan Stone Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
Filterheadz - Yimanya (Davey Asprey Remix) [White Label]

Temple One - Innerspace (Extended Mix) [Digital Society]

Stoneface & Terminal - Keep Going (Dub) [Flashover]
Bryan Kearney pres. Karney - El Gato [Kearnage]
The Prodigy - Voodoo People [John Askew Bootleg] [White Label]
Team Argentina - Alpha Omega (Sneijder Remix) [Armada]

Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Remix) [Ninja Tune]