Sizzler vs. Meke vs. Yoko - Rave X-Plosion part: 2 (19.06.2015) 90s trance & hardtrance

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#1 • • Meke GT Digital, BCN Records

DJ Looney Tune - Jumpin` & Pumpin`(M.I.K.E`s Club Remix)
DJ Misjah - Keep Your Love
Cores - Matabu (Part Two)
DJ Looney Tune - Workstation (M.I.K.E`s Enerzed)
Surface Reflections - Ticket To Heaven (Original)
Trope - Amphetamine (Baby Doc Mix)
Shadow Dancers - Hard Nova
Apex – Destination
Surface Reflections - Too Strong (Remix)


Planet Soul – Intro
Brainvibe - Its Hot (Chill 'n' Force Mix)
Trancesetters - The Search (Armand's PU-TANG Mix)
De Donatis - The Sound (Psycho Mix)
DJ Scot Project – U (I Got A Feeling)
Non Eric - Piranhas (Evolutionary Remix)
Hector - Luv Me (Break Mix)
Sabotage - Love Is In the Air (1st Cut)
Ben Ben And No Ben - Rotes Haar (Schwarzer Asphalt)
Ovation - The Book Of Revelation (Luxor Mix)

DJ Steve L & Cyrus - Rave This Generation (Vocal Mix)
Racemic Acid – Sky
Nexus 6 - Ab-Chic (Acrid Abeyance Remix)
The Syncapator – Control
Rave Xistence - Theme Of NonXistence
Rodd-Y-Ler feat. Clinique Team II - Mission Fulfilled (Strawberry Earthmix)
Alien Factory - Get The Future Started (Meteor Seven Remix)
E-Max - A World Beyond
Shorty Bone - Dream Phase
Odyssee - Pure Flow
Star Gazer - Not Enough Memory
Human Target – Schatten?
DJ Gollum - Mystic Fusion
Orphic - Do You Dance
Dune - Can't Stop Raving (Album Version)

experimental, hard, oldskool, techno, trance

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