FLIRT poster competition, entries in by 25.2.

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FLIRT poster photo competition

Make your own version of the Flirt web poster and you could win 4 free entries to Flirt and a bottle of bubbly!

1. Download “” file. This includes a Photoshop file with the “poster elements” layer.

2. Make your Flirt poster with your photo using the “flirt_web_poster_make.psd” file: Add your own photo under the “poster elements” layer, flatten the image and save it as jpg. Done!

If you don’t know how to make this (or don’t have Photoshop) send your photo to Tatu ( [email protected] ) and he will make it for you and sends it back to you (this might take a while).

3. Post your version on the Flirt event wall
( )

4. Tag yourself (and others) to the picture and invite friends to “like” it.

5. The winner is the one with most “likes”.

6. All competition entries (jpg’s of posters) need to be posted on the Flirt event wall before Saturday 25.02. at 9pm.

7. Voting (=liking) ends on Wednesday 14.03. at 9pm.

8. Competition starts NOW!