Ten Years of Techmu

  From until   Tickets 3€   Age limit: 18   http://techmu.org  
Diva Kouvola, Kouvola  
, psy, techno, trance, jotain

Andy Braun (Housebase)
Orion (Misc Management)
OlliS (YleX, Break That House)

22:00-23:00 : Andy Braun
23:00-00:30 : Indigo
00:30-02:00 : OlliS
02:00-03:30 : Orion

Ten years ago a bunch of university students got together. They were not pleased with the situation at hand. Shitty music, crappy finrock parties and nothing to support the forthcoming techno revolution. A new organisation was born. Cyber - it sounded nice. Couple of parties and the name was changed to TechMu along with new organization structure.

Ten years has passed. Dozens of parties, nearly hundred different deejays, thousands of clubbers dancing along the way, a handful of different chairmen and a lots of techmu members. Still waiting for the techno revolution..

The revolution never came and it propably never will... but... Who gives a flying frag! Damn good music and hell of a parties, happy dancing people having a blast together while deejays banging their tunes one after another!

Come and join us to celebrate the music at hand, together, maybe hand in hand? The place to be, Diva (Kouvola).

PS. Club Fiilis has their "We Love Pääsiäinen"-party upstairs at the same time!

Event Photography: SESSIONS2