l i Q u i d - Tampere

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Rosendahl, Tampere  
house, trance

4 Strings (Liquid Records / Hollanti)
Orkidea (Unity, Pacifique)
Beliar (l i Q u i d, Resurrection)
D.N.A (l i Q u i d, I Love Kiksu)
Markus S (Dive)
Mikko A (Dive)

4 Strings (Liquid records / Hollanti)
Orkidea (Unity, Pacifique)
Beliar (l i Q u i d, Resurrection)
D.N.A (l i Q u i d, I *sydän* Kiksu)

Lounge Cave:
Markus S (Club Dive)
Mikko A (Club Dive)

Paikka: Rosendahl, Tampere (Pyynikintie 13)
Aika: Perjantai, 16 . 06 . 2006
Ovet auki: Klo 21:00 - 04:00
Sisäänpääsy: K18, 8 + 1 narikka

Bussi Kuljetukset:
Bileisiin: Pääsee TKL:n bussilla #21, tai reppaasti kävellen/pyöräillen
Bileistä pois: Pääsee ilmaisella bussikuljetuksella, joka kulkee keskutorin kautta UKK:n rantaan, aamujatkoille:(http://www.klubitus.org/tapahtuma.php?id=9380)


‘4 Strings’

4 Strings are on fire lately!

The award winning Dutch production and DJ duo responsible for a series of high profile original productions and remixes. With the release of their new tracks ‘Hurricane’ and ‘Jewel’ released non-vocal and soon with vocals. The releases have gained major support from Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Judge Jules, Above & Beyond, Rank 1 and many others.

4 Strings will be appearing at the biggest parades and festivals this year. One of them being The Zurich Street Parade where they will perform exclusively on mainstage. The theme song for the parade was also remixed by 4 Strings.

Underway is a plan to release an exclusive 2006 remix of their biggest hit ‘Take me Away’.

Carlo Resoort and Jan de Vos have been producing and DJing since 1990. The first major hit was Carlos ‘The Silmarilla’. The follow up was ‘Turn It Around’. Then ‘Daytime’ which was supported by Paul van Dyk, Tiesto & Judge Jules. ‘Take Me Away (Into The Night)’ was a global hit. ‘Diving’ and ‘Let It Rain’ were released with the first 4 Strings album.

DJ 4 Strings is not just your average DJ, he is an entertainer. He is part of the new generation of DJ’s today. Crowds are amazed by his refreshing and unique style of playing music. DJ 4 Strings is always prepared with unpredictable and quality tracks that both excite existing fans and bring new people to the scene. There is so much good music out there and 4 Strings do not want to limit themselves to one style.

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