Senzation - Summer Session's Part 2 >> KYAU vs ALBERT [GER], FLO

  From until   Tickets 4€   Age limit: 18  
Nitetrain, Lappeenranta  
house, trance

Kyau vs. Albert (Euphonic | GERMANY)
Flow Rian (Electric Sauna Records | GERMANY)
Magellan Project / ALT+F4 / Avanto - LIVE! (Electric Sauna Records,
Anjunabeats | Tampere)
Tearrain (Subtraxx | Helsinki)
Yoshi (Millennium | Lahti)
Mick (Senzation resident, B:E:R:U:N:A | Lemi)

Eyewall (Armada, Imatra)
Dave X (Electric sauna records | Tampere)
Nikke (Techmu | Lappeenranta)
Perde (Lappeenranta)
Radar (Techmu | Lappeenranta)

[iso]Senzation - Summer Session's Part 2[/iso]

* So now we continue our summer sessions's..........................
* And we are going to give you something special at this time...
* For the 1st time we bring you dj's from abroad.....................
* You'll be having great time with progressive & trance sounds..
* Be sure not to miss this one.................................................

date >> saturday 18-06-2005

venue >> Nitetrain

city >> Lappeenranta

time >> 21:00 - 04:00

tickets >> 4e, womens 2e before 24:00 (incl. bf)

agelimit >> 18 and over

decorations by >> senzation

[iso]Kyau vs. Albert [pieni][Euphonic | GERMANY][/pieni][/iso]

Ralph Kyau had his first experience with the production of electronic music in 1990 and gained a reputation for DJing as well as Live PA sets at several underground techno parties in Germany before releasing his first record "Modulation Experiments" at the end of 1993.

They produced their first tracks together for a live performance realized that they have a common perception of music and decided to try their hands at producing together. The result was their first single "Let me in" released in 1996.

From then on they became known under the artist name of Kyau vs Albert. Their two small studios merged and they founded a music production company "Euphonic" in 1997, signing Sonorous aka Rough Mullar as well as Ronski Speed. With such a strong backing of producers, the team began pushing for their sound to be heard.

In January 2004 the single "Velvet Morning" gets a release on Anjunabeats in the UK. The following single "Not With You" is featured by the singer Julie Lutat. In July this song enters the German single sales charts at rank 93. In August after almost one year of hard work, the debut album "Here We Are Now" is released in Germany.

Kyau vs. Albert do a remix of "Jump The Next Train" by Young Parisians. This song becomes a worldwide club hit. Instead of accepting a lot of remix offers they do remix themselves to release "Made Of Sun" and "Falling Anywhere" from their album.

2005 begina massive: the Single "Made Of Sun/Falling Anywhere" is released in Germany on Euphonic and in the UK on Anjunabeats. At the end of January "Here We Are Now" is available via Watermusic in the USA, where the album reaches a lot of North American fans.

In the beginning of March Kyau vs. Albert release their first mix compilation, called "Positive Ways 4".

[iso]Flow Rian [pieni][Electric Sauna Records | GERMANY][/pieni][/iso]

Music has always been a big part in Flow Rian´s life. It all started in 1994 when he went to his first ever rave party. The atmosphere together with the lights and the music left such a big impression on him that he became infected with the Electronic Dance Music virus.

In 2004 Flow Rian had several gigs in Finland performing with the biggest finnish artists such as Magellan Project and Sami Saari as well as DJing at Electric Sauna´s first party in Tampere with Kyau vs Albert, Ronski Speed, Sonorous and Cosmicman.

In between Flow Rian was invited several times to Giorgio Ponticelli´s Mix-show "The World In The Mix" on DI.FM to deliver guestmixes.

In September 2004 Flow Rian joined the forces with Tommi, Joonas and Matti (the Alt-F4/Magellan Project guys) to form a label called "Electric Sauna Records". From March 2005 on he will be co-hosting the monthly show "Electric Nights" on ETN.FM together with Matti Kotala.

[iso]Magellan Project / ALT+F4 / Avanto - LIVE! [pieni][Electric Sauna Records | Tampere][/pieni][/iso]

Avanto consists of the two young finnish producers Joonas Hahmo (left) and Matti Kotala (right).
Before Matti and Joonas joined forces both of them have already been active in the finnish music scene since several years as producers as well as DJs. For Matti and Joonas making music is more than just using machines it´s about creating a vibe that takes the listeners on a journey.
In the beginning of 2001 when Ferry Corsten came to Helsinki the boys met and found out that they share the same passion for electronic dance music and they have the same idea how tracks should be produced. So it was obvious that after this meeting Matti & Joonas created a new producer-team.
Over the years they gained more and better equipment to realize their ideas until they reached their nowadays massive studio.

It was in 2003 when Drizzly Music signed their track "Dive Theme“ for the new label Asgard Recordings. It is the theme song for Tampere´s Club Dive and has been played since the beginning of 2003 by the likes of Misja Helsloot and Black Hole Recording´s DJs Ton TB & Cor Fjineman as well as Norway´s DJ Stigma and Italy´s Giorgio Ponticelli.

In between producing several theme tracks for the biggest indoor-events in Finland such as Docklands and liQuid (Marco-V, Orkidea, Cosmicman), Joonas & Matti delivered several guestmixes for Giorgio Ponticelli´s „Subtraxx Experience“, a show on Digital Imported, the biggest Internet electronic music radio station. The reactions of the listeners were all the times so overwhelming that Giorgio Ponticelli asked the boys to make a mix for „The World In The Mix" show which was over 4 hours long and included 15 minute mixes from 16 DJs all over the world. Joonas & Matti were able to present their unique sets with names like Mike Shiver, Envio, Kenjido Okiru, Özgur Can and Niklas Harding.

This spring Joonas and Matti created a new guise named „Alt+F4“. Their first release „Alt+F4“ which has been signed to Anjunabeats has until now been played by every big DJ in the world and gained them lots of reputation in the music scene. Names like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Misja Helsloot, DJ Tiesto, Miika Kuisma and Super8 were knocking on the guys´ doors to get a playable CD.

As Joonas and Matti always wanted to support good talents from Finland who need a platform to present their high quality music, it was obvious the boys decided to start a record label. After joining forces with a few friends in summer 2004 it was finally the birth of „Electric Sauna Records“, a subdivision of Drizzly Music.
At the moment Joonas & Matti have their latest massive track on Electric Sauna Records named „Avanto The Flute“ with remixes by Airbase, DJ Orkidea and Mike Shiver.

So far "The Flute" has been played by any top-DJ of the world while the peak was reached when it was part of "Tiesto in Concert 2".

For the future you can expect even more from Avanto. Not only as Live-Act they are they a guarantee for a full house and an evening full of of unique and fresh trance music, but also as DJs they manage to create an atmosphere and vibes for the dancers with their overwhelming sets.


21:00 - 22:00 >> Mick
22:00 - 23:00 >> Tearrain
23:00 - 00:00 >> Yoshi
00:00 - 01:30 >> Flow Rian
01:30 - 03:00 >> Kyau vs. Albert
03:00 - END >> Magellan Project / ALT+F4 / Avanto -LIVE!

Warm Up party!

Date: saturday 18-06-2005

Time: 16:00 - 21:00

Venue: Grand Star Cafe Terrace

Tickets: FREE ENTRY!

DJ´s LineUp

Eyewall (Armada, Imatra)
Dave X (Electric sauna records | Tampere)
Nikke (Techmu | Lappeenranta)
Perde (Lappeenranta)
+ guest stars!

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