Surface - Pengerpuisto Open Air

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Pengerpuisto, Helsinki   Show map

14.00 - 22.00
Pengerpuisto / Torkkelinmäki

We are organising our first open air party of the season! Come enjoy good music, cold drinks and the warm weather with us. The event is free of charge and we welcome everyone interested to attend. BYOB.

There are several DJs playing a wide range of electronic music at the event - smooth vibes guaranteed as always. More detailed line-up and set times announced later.

We kindly ask everyone to put their empty bottles/cans/trash in the designated bags and use common sense - the epidemic isn't over yet.

- Please come only if you’re feeling 100% healthy
- Please try to avoid large groups - there should be plenty of space to spread out in the park
- Please behave - as always, no form of harassment will be tolerated at SURFACE’s events
- Last but not least, have fun and remember to dance!