UG Goa w. Vibrasphere Live (last gig)

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chill, psy, techno, trance

Vibrasphere Live (progressive)
Vibrasphere Live (chill-out)
Unlive Live (all 3 members on stage)
Ascoil Sun Live
Lunar Vegetarian Live
Dark Aegonox (Goa, Entropy)
Indigo (Unity, Sininen)
Kolibriscope (Discoteque du Lizard)

Vibrasphere has decided to stop gigging:

Fortunately we got the honor to host the last Vibrasphere Live act in Finland. Vibrasphere has been a special artist to as and because because it is a special moment, we will do it underground. More information later.

Location: somewhere underground, not too far away from Helsinki. Listen to your local puskaradio ;)


Ascoil Sun:

Lunar Vegetarian:


More info soon: