From until   Age limit: 18  
Kuusisaari, Oulu  
, hard, psy

Waily (Terrorcraft, Mayhem, Gunpowder Records)
Macio (Innowation)
Psydog (Alienation, Raveisland)
Tapp (Hardventure, Raveisland)

8e + service

Visuals: Weirdvibes (Innowation, Kompressori)


2200-2345 Tapp
2345-0100 Psydog
0100-0215 Macio
0215-0330 Waily


Waily on Myspace
Waily LIVE PA @ Brainbashers: Ydintalvi 13.02.2010


Ville Immonen has been driven to all kind of music as long as he can remember, but the closest thing to his heart has always been electronic music. After listening hardtrance and hardcore for the very first time... there simply was no turning back. Main reason for Waily to start Dj'ing was the lack of real Hardcore music in Finland.

Waily loves hard banging sounds and that can be seen in his performances.
By playing Darkcore and Hardcore with supreme attitude and wild tricks, he has earned his place as a member & promoter of wellknown concepts: Mayhem, Terrorcraft. In 2008 Waily has also joined the Baltic Storm Artist Agency after numerous successful gigs in Estonia.

Waily has been producing his own sound for more than 10 years,
as his main project he produces Hardcore under the name of Waily. In the year 2007 he launched the project Novistador for more darker and evil sounds. Waily has co-ed with many artists such as Pagan, Nomic, Dj Neon, Input C etc.

Waily is one of the three founders of Terrorcraft along with Input C and Nomic. These hard music loving artists just ended up together, created a few tracks and became a very good friends. The idea of Terrorcraft developed little by little and finally at the end of 2003 they decided to organize a party. The very first Terrorcraft event came true in January 23th 2004. Since then this enegetic concept has evolved a lot and stands tall with a bunch of high quality Dj's and Live performances.