Club Cerise in memory of Sami (Mr. Pink)

  From until   Tickets 8€  
@ Rose Garden, Helsinki  
breaks, drum'n'bass, elektro, house, trance, techno, jotain

PERWERT LIVE!!!!! (Pussy) ...this time only..!!
Paul Easy LIVE!!! (Clinic)
Unik (Pussy)
Grin (deepscan)
Kaiu (Localunderground )
Sakura (Localundergrond)
Bobby S (Localunderground)
Kiara Andres (Resident)
VGR (Seireeni)
Pectus (Seireeni)
Sachrias (Seireeni)
Special Ed (e2e4)

Paul Easy Biography:

Finnish DJ & producer Paul Easy is a restless crusader in the jungle of aural waves. With a unique touch in his productions and dj sets Paul never ceases to amaze the crowds with his constantly evolving sound.

After a long career in psychedelic trance under the alias DJ Poliisi, Mr. Easy has also moved to explore techno-flavored dance music with a hint of house influences as well. With his various aliases and projects Paul has been touring around Finland regularly for the past few years with one aim - Unique and innovative dance floor experiences.

Area 1
22:00 - 00:00 Kaiu,Sakura,BobbyS
00:00 - 01:00 Grin
01:00 - 02:00 Unik
02:00 - n.02:30 Perwert live!
n.02:30 - End Paul Easy live!

Area 2
22:00 - 23:00 Special Ed
23:00 - End VGR,Pectus,Sachrias

Entrance : 8 €

..For the early birds there is some salty chips, sweets and a punch! (yes, the punch is made of alcohol.... )