Joint Venture with Format:B [GER] LIVE!

  From until   Tickets 10€   Age limit: 20  
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elektro, house, techno

Format:B LIVE [Highgrade, Berlin]
Grin [Deepscan]
Kaiu & Sakura [Local Underground]

Last time they brought you John Dahlbäck and Lützenkirchen. Now it's time for for the aural fire and brimstone of ..

FORMAT:B [Highgrade, Berlin] LIVE!

Format:B are Jakob Hildenbrand and Franziskus Sell, two german sound engineers with exceptional productional vision and drive. Since 2005 their singles and EP's have caused mayhem and various strokes among techno DJ's and clubheads, but the recent debut longplayer "Steam Circuit" has finally made everybody semi-literally crap their pants.

If you don't know Format:B, well ... you should! And after we are through with you, you undoubtedly will. Tonight Joint Venture proudly brings you Jakob of Format:B as live as it gets, with the support by our own boys:

Grin ov Deepscan and
Kaiu & Sakura from your Local Underground!

BUT there's more! This party is also the birthday celebration of our own cutiepie residens Grin and Kaiu!